13 May 2022 22:14:53
Well finally here we are, a suprise to no one and called months in advance. Game 7 against two time, defending champions. The hard work in regular season paid off, and the affair is in the friendly confines of home. I like it a lot A defining moment for all involved. For some strange reason this time feels different. Mathews could go off!

1.) 14 May 2022
14 May 2022 02:40:10
This feels different for you?

2.) 14 May 2022
14 May 2022 06:14:21
Feels the same to me Randy. Maybe I won't burn my jersey's though. If they lose againz not sure ei can handle it.

3.) 14 May 2022
14 May 2022 12:59:52
Worst case scenario, where is the best place to start the fire dubas chant?

4.) 14 May 2022
14 May 2022 19:34:28
It feels different in that they seemed lost and listless to Montreal, and scared against Columbus. This time feels as if they are competing. Not scared, not listless, just competing hard against a real good team. I'll be first on the Dubas must go train if they come up short, but I like their compete this go round. JMO.