27 May 2022 13:59:01
With the re-signing of Gio, Leafs likely can not trade Muzzin and Reilly is here to stay. Sandin could be the odd man out. As a quality young D, a solid trade could be with the LAK who want to improve now.

To LAK: D - R. Sandin

To TOR: D - B. Clarke

Clarke is still in the OHL and on his ELC, he could end up way better, but you never know. Sandin is young and productive in the NHL.

1.) 27 May 2022
27 May 2022 15:54:43
Hehehe Sandin odd man out it’s a joke right that dude yesterday is a top 4 left denfender with upside to burn

Sandin is your replacement for Muzzin.

2.) 27 May 2022
27 May 2022 16:20:17
I’d make this trade and I think the kings might too the kings currently have a log Jam of rhd and need more lefties could be a trade that works for both team.

3.) 27 May 2022
27 May 2022 19:09:16
Thats a tough one cause Clarke could turn out to be a stud and I think Sandin tops out as a 3, but probably a really good 4.