29 Jul 2022 02:38:53
Leafs need to upgrade their 2nd line LW position.
This could be handled by moving Tavares to LW.
That leaves Leafs needing a 2nd line center.

To Seattle:
Alex Kerfoot ($3.5)
Justin Holl ($2)
Sandin ($1.5 TBD)

Approximately $7 out

To Leafs:
Adam Larson ($4)
Alex Weinberg ($4.5 x 1)
Seattle retains ($1.5) for 1 year of Wennberg's contract

In: ($7)

Wennberg's contract has only one more year to run so Seattle's salary retention is short lived.
Sandin adds to Seattle's youth.
Wennberg is talented and may be better suited on the 2nd line with more highly skilled players than he was paired with on the Kraken.
If Wennberg is a good fit Leafs could look at resigning him.
If not, his contract is up in the summer of 2023
Larson would be a good fit on the right side of Leafs blue line.

Reilly - Brodie
Muzzin - Larson
Giordano - Liljegren
Would make me much more comfortable!

1.) 29 Jul 2022
29 Jul 2022 14:18:49
This trade puts you you just under 1.5mil over the cap. would not work.

2.) 29 Jul 2022
29 Jul 2022 17:06:58
Wennberg's contract is for 2 more years, not one. Seattle may want more for 2 years retention as opposed to 1 year.

3.) 29 Jul 2022
29 Jul 2022 20:05:52
We are already over the cap you’d have to move more for this to work.

4.) 29 Jul 2022
29 Jul 2022 23:55:15
Sportrak shows Wennberg having one more year.
Perhaps I have miss read it.

The $1.5 Seattle takes back balances the cap to where it is now and eliminates the need to sign Sandin.
The cap overage Leafs are looking at now will be resolved by sending two of the losers of the retread competition between Gaudette, Malgin, NAK, Mete, Benn, Simmons, Clifford to the Marlies.

5.) 30 Jul 2022
30 Jul 2022 18:42:10
Leafs are 1.493 million over the cap and this is before Sandin is signed. The estimate you give him doesn’t count as savings in deal as anything he signs for plus the 1.493 leafs are over is the true figure to go with.

So the real money in money out with the 1.5 you stated Seattle retains is 7 as you stated. However the money out is only 5.5 so leafs are now around 3 million over.

Leafs can be up to 8.25 million over the cap until the opening day of nhl season but that’s a silly thought.
Leafs have 20 skaters and 2 goalies counting against the cap and league rule states team must at all time have 18 skaters and 2 goalies minimum counting against the cap. No players are waiver exempt of the 22 right now so sending 2 players on waivers minimum saves 1.5 million so leafs are still back to 1.5 over the cap with no extras in case of injury

Let’s take money out of this.
On paper, the eye test and a basic understanding of hockey tells me kerfoot is better than wennberg. This ain’t even close. Kerfoot defends better, hits more, blocks more. He passes better and skates faster. He puts up more points playing less power play time. Wennberg is bigger and does win the faceoffs at better rate but 46% vs 42% while is a big differance on a whole they both suck at faceoffs and both are best when on the wing. On top of this kerfoot is only owed $750 K for rest of the year not his 3.5 cap value while wennberg is owed 10 million salary which is 500K over his cap value each season.

Now for Larson. This would be huge. Right now brodie Holl and liljegren man the right side. That’s stinky.
Muzzin and Gio get to duke it out to not play with holl. Getting larsson creates a great 1-2 right side punch while liljegren plays 3rd pair minutes we’re he belongs and holl we need not watch him any more.
Larson would look good with either Rielly or muzzin. I’d prefer Brodie with Rielly as I truely feel once muzzin has a true shut down stay at home dman he will start to look like himself again. Muzzin has a offensive game he just doesn’t have the partners to trust for him to do it. Down side to larsson much like muzzin he is hurt a lot. Also, his cap is 4 with 3 years left but he is owed 13.5 salary not the cap value of 12 over those 3 years. Either way Larson to me is close to a must but wennberg is a no go

In closing
Kerfoot holl 5.5 cap 2.75 salary
Larson 4 cap 3.5 salary then 10 in last 2 years

Does this get leads the dman they have needed for a long time. I mean both players leaving are ufa in summer vs 3 years of of player coming

I think a pick and or prospect will still be needed. Just not of Sandin level.

Lindell, Hollowell, Villanueva level d prospect
Abruzzese, Steeves, abramov level F prospect

So add 1 of each group (1 per extra season Larson is signed) and Seattle might bite

That was long.

6.) 02 Aug 2022
02 Aug 2022 03:21:25

Thanks so much for the breakdown of the financial aspects of my trade.
I appreciate the time and effort.
I was trying to work Sandin into the equation as the Kraken will want youth as a sweetener.
Kerfoot is 28 - August 11th and Holl is already 30 and doesn’t fit into the Kraken’s timeline.
Larson like many seem to have the injury bug and you can only hope for the best.
I do feel he would be a great fit in Leafs top 4.