13 Mar 2023 15:01:31
At The Draft.

Arizona Trades
Cooley (Big-10)
1st Round Pick 2023 (Sens Pick)
3rd Round Pick 2023

Toronto Trades

I have posted a similar type of Matthews trade proposal with Arizona, but think if it happens it won't have so many moving parts and really just a Matthews alone in a proposal.

Arizona makes the most sense compared to any other team, Matthews in Arizona gives them the franchise saviour, Matthews can never hurt The Leafs being in a different division.

July 1 Matthews NMC kicks in and he will be on an expiring contract, no way will Matthews be unsigned July 1 and not traded before, it would be too risky hoping he re-signs, I almost believe Dubas knows now Matthews will be traded at The Draft with what he did trading for so much for the last kick of the can with Matthews a Leaf.

You're Arizona and this type of proposal is wanted by Toronto to get Matthews, I believe Armstrong from his situation would agree giving up this package.

Looking forward to The Playoffs but the business part of the offseason I believe starts at The Draft, and besides Matthews I see Karlsson traded also, plus Philadelphia will be very active also, I predict one of the biggest draft days ever including Bedard part of it all.

Thoughts ?

1.) 13 Mar 2023
13 Mar 2023 18:32:39
You won't get Cooley from them+another first. Cooley+Bedard (Bettman will rig it) are the future in zona and don't cost them 11+ million a year.

2.) 14 Mar 2023
14 Mar 2023 01:46:24
Without Cooley to eventually replace Matthews as Leafs #1, then there is no deal!

3.) 14 Mar 2023
14 Mar 2023 03:28:09
@WB why would the Yotes make this deal with Cooley included?

4.) 14 Mar 2023
14 Mar 2023 10:26:51
How about we just keep Matthews and resign him….

5.) 14 Mar 2023
14 Mar 2023 11:47:56
I don't think Matthews is leaving. He will get around $13.5-$14m per on a 6-8 year deal with a full NMC. He will be the highest paid player in the NHL at the time of his signing. He may not sign an extension unless it is in the off-season, as he won't want the distraction during the season. If it isn't done then, it will be at end of next season before July 1st. That's my prediction.