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25 Apr 2020 00:07:09
Resign Spezza, sign Joe Thorton both league minimum.

Nylander,Kapanen,Johnsson,Kerfoot and a 1st in 2021 for Burns, Couture,and Kane.

Hyman Matthews Marner
Mikheyev Tavares Nylander.
Kane Couture Thornton
Barabanov Spezza Engvall

Reilly Burns
Muzzin Holl
Dermott Rosen
Sandin Marincin

Anderson Campbell

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25 Apr 2020 02:45:23
Garbage trades. I wouldn't sign Thornton either. Assuming he ain't coming here and if he does where will he play?

25 Apr 2020 03:08:08
Horrible proposal. Burns is a one dimensional mid 30’s dman with a terrible contact. I like Kane and Couture. I have zero interest in Thornton. Leafs need at least a top 4 defensive dman, if his a solid all around top,2 RH even better. Not sure what your line of thinking is on most of your [proposals, at least your a Leaf fan.

25 Apr 2020 03:47:14
We get a whole lot older. And slower. With a bunch of guys that seriously underperformed this year. And we bring in some contracts with potential to become real disasters not long from now. Not to mention that we are way over cap.

The main beef of contention for me is that I would put Liljegren ahead of either Rosen or Marincin. But other that that one problem with the lineups and those few small problems above, looks good.

25 Apr 2020 04:48:50
You traded Nylander but included him all you need to do is input Robertson in his place.

25 Apr 2020 04:51:48
You traded Nylander and still input him in the lineup exchange him for Robertson and it's good.

25 Apr 2020 20:50:55
I know we all have high hopes for Robertson but putting him in the top 6 while he skips the QHL entirely may not be realistic.

26 Apr 2020 10:51:08
The problem with Robertson is that he either has to play in the OHL next year, or he has to play NHL. There is no other choice. The NHL and OHL have an agreement in place that, once drafted, a player from the CHL must age out or complete his four year term before being able to play in another league other than NHL. Simple as that. We have two choices for Robertson. Either he plays for the Leafs next year, or he returns to Pete's. Like everyone else, I fully expect Robertson to get his chance at try-outs next year. He night even get a 9 game stint. But unless he really knocks it out (4 goals in his first game type deal), then I don't think he will be playing for Leafs next year. It's just not worth it having him stunt his development entire riding the pine or watching from the press box. He needs to be on the ice. Even if that means having him return to OHL to terrorize the kids down in junior some more. It is what it is until the league realizes that this rule is hurting development of the kids. How many times have we seen tweeners that should be put into the AHL to develop be sent back to junior because they were ineligible, only to see them fall behind in their development and struggle to make the NHL after in good time (DalColle is a good recent example) . The league needs to realize that putting 19-20 year old men on the ice against 15 year olds is counterproductive to development of many players. And it prevents youngers stars from getting the playing time they need to develop further themselves.

The rule needs to be changed, maybe even scratched. This isn't like 20-30 years ago. The kids these days develop so fast. And the better older players are caught in a system that works against them, and at the same time, hurts the younger developing players as well. Scrap the 20 goal or over 4 years played rule. Once drafted, these kids should be allowed to play where the team that owns their rights deems best for their development. No matter what country that might be.

26 Apr 2020 13:35:15
Just make the draft like drinking alcohol in ontario at 19 years of age. Then no rule needs to be put in place. I realize its tough to do as the 1st draft when this gets put into place would suck as only 19 year old players and older who didn't get drafted the previous year whould be eligible. Very crappy draft but the rule needs to change.

Also like football and badketball if you are not drafted you dant be put back in draft the following year. Just make these non draftees play 1 more year wherever they play then they become available through free angency.

26 Apr 2020 23:18:04
No way Kennedy
Just not realistic.

27 Apr 2020 04:30:46
Both those are good ideas Craigger. I'm not sure why the rule was put in originally, but it has become a detriment for the Canadian development program. It needs to be fixed. The team that drafts the player should have the right to dictate where that player goes to continue his development.



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