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27 Apr 2020 01:03:46
To la. Kerfoot Liljegren Kapanen Dermott
To leafs. Walker , brown kings retain 50 percent clague

Leafs sign. Forbort

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27 Apr 2020 23:06:50
I would take this if we could throw them a pick is read of Liljigren. Not many D in the system can't afford to lose Dermott and Liljigren in the same deal in my opinion.

28 Apr 2020 01:10:06
Did you read the proposal leafs life?
Walker clague forbort play d.

28 Apr 2020 03:00:10
Dermott for Walker and Liljegren for Clague I can see why you are doing that, and I don't disagree with it, though like LeafsLife, I'd rather just keep Liljegren than swap him for a LHD prospect player.

Kerfoot and Kapanen for Brown is a big no for me, even with the retention. I know it's a move to save cap, but I would rather ditch those guys for picks or other prospects than bring in Brown. The money we save in cap space can be used better towards someone more useful.

If Leafs made all these transactions, including signing Forbort, and along with the Campbell and Clifford and the Muzzin deal last year, a pretty good chunk of our team would be ex LA players. Mostly not the ones that won the cups though. Given LA's performance the last couple years, do we really want so many of their cast aways? Just a thought.

28 Apr 2020 16:46:56
I did MPH buy your trading 2 D to add those guys.

28 Apr 2020 19:19:04
And your point is what leafs life?
I moved 2 d then brought back 3
Hmm doesn’t that mean I added to the d?
3-2 equals plus 1
Thought I would spell it out for you.

28 Apr 2020 21:28:27
It means I would rather see a forward moved for a D than losing Liljigren before we know what he has in him. Your moving 2 affordable young D for 3 D. If a defenceman is moved I can see Dermott but not Liljigren.

28 Apr 2020 22:48:18
So leafs life you would keep 2 affordable d in your words over 2 solid adds and a stud prospect in clague
Keep spouting leafslife.
Clague I would take over lilybust in a heart beat
Walker is a solid rhd yes that’s right rhd
And adding forbort means shutdown city paired with Muzzin.

29 Apr 2020 01:02:11
Clague is about as good as Liljegren. Lol. They are equals. Except because of the whole LHD vs RHD thing, I think Leafs are better off keeping Liljegren still than making that swap. The Dermott for Walker swap I'm all for. And I think LA would do that swap as well because they have so many RHD and their LHD is weak. Opposite of the Leafs.

Forbort I like, but he might want more Leafs will be willing to pay right now. Especially since he is a natural LHD who can play RHD but has not played there for a couple years. Besides, he would clog the system up for our up-coming guys like Hollowell and Liljegren and so forth. I think that's why LA traded him basically anyway.

As an aside, LA got a 4th for Forbort. And I believe they only got a 3rd for Martinez. If that's not another example of a declining low value defenseman market I don't know what is.

29 Apr 2020 03:16:36
Dillon, I wouldn't have given as much up for as Washington did though. Depends where a team sits and how much they are willing to pay

29 Apr 2020 09:59:09
Considering they only paid a third for Kempny (who is a much better player) a couple years ago when they won the cup, it's surprising how much Washington paid for Dillon this year. He is UFA and really is only a bottom pair defenseman. I guess Washington values him highly.



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