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11 May 2020 00:47:54
To preds. Reilly Kapanen Holl Kerfoot

To leafs turris Fabbro ekholm tomasino 1st 2021

The 1st is for taking turris

To devils dermott tomasino
To leafs severson

Ekholm Fabbro
Muzzin severson
Sandin. Finn guy

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11 May 2020 03:05:04
I hate the idea of taking Turris on. Leafs don't have a bad contract. Would be nice to keep it that way. But the other pieces coming in make it worth it to take him on I guess. Ekholm is a stud. He's not Reilly, but he would be a good replacement.

11 May 2020 03:49:32
Okay you know what this ain’t bad, and I’m sure Nashville would love to have Ellis, Reilly, and Josi on their blue line. Imagine they sign Pietrangelo lmao.

As for the value, I think you would have to pick between Tomasino and the first, and then maybe get Nashville to add a second round pick instead, year depending on which you choose. I would rather take the first simply because then that pick could turn out to be higher then 24th especially with the current situation in Nashville.

11 May 2020 15:35:29
LeafGm the Leafs have 4 bad/ expensive contracts that is forcing the the team to try and fill out their roster with bargain basement signings and not ready for the NHL prospects.

11 May 2020 16:42:13
The only contract I currently view as bad is Marner and possibly Tavares. Nylander and Mathews are probably where they should be even if contract length could have been better.

11 May 2020 17:13:25
Actually wait if the leafs could compliance buy out Turris then they would probably take this all day.

11 May 2020 17:55:46
If there was the opportunity for buyouts, Leafs might do this.

On the other hand, there might be bigger fish to trade for to buy out. We could get an even better return trading for Bobrovsky, for example. Or even Trouba. Trouba signed for 8x$8M, but looks like DeAngelo and Fox are even better. I expect Rangers will be trying to dump Trouba before those elc's run out.

11 May 2020 18:09:42
LeafGm I agree with your assessment about Trouba. Without Morrissey his game has been exposed. Having him play with Reilly would greatly help Trouba's game but in 2 years at $8 mil per it would be a very expensive pairing.

11 May 2020 20:08:46
I wasn't suggesting we take on Trouba. Not unless Rangers are willing to retain and take a relatively unfair return. Cause they only paid a 1st+ for him. Can't count Pionk for how good he is now. Have to take him at the value at time of trade, which wasn't very high at that time.

So if Rangers want to move on from Trouba already because they have two younger, cheaper hotshots on board already, they will need to retain and take a loss in trade value. Because Trouba is definitely worth less now than when Winnipeg traded him.



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