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12 May 2020 03:15:59
Leafs trade Dermott, Campbell, 3rd
Avs trade Timmins, Grubauer, Zadorov

Someone (I think it was Leafs1994) mentioned Avs had Zadorov playing RHD this year, which is the only reason I suggest bringing him in. Oh yeah, and he's a truck on skates. Francouz seems to have displaced Grubauer. And Timmins might actually play NHL one day. Maybe. Though I'm not putting a lot of faith in him yet.

To have.

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12 May 2020 13:35:52
What? Not a chance Col trades their starter (Grubauer is still their starter) and 2 solid defence man for one d replacement, a backup, and a mid pick. If that pick was a first I think it would be better. Good idea, you are just not offering enough.

12 May 2020 13:37:54
Well, Timmins is still a prospect. But I think he similar potential to our guys Sand and Lily, just not quite as good.

12 May 2020 15:47:26
Lol. Timmins is not I the same league as Sandin and Liljegren anymore. He's fallen behind the development curve after missing well over a year with brain injury.

We get one half decent defenseman that has been on the block for two years and is Colorado's 6/ 7 defenseman. We get a prospect that just missed almost two full years of developing because of massive head trauma, and we get a 1b goalie that will likely be at best a tandem goalie for Colorado.

In return Colorado gets Dermott, whose skill set they need more than Zadorov. They get a solid backup replacement goalie, and they get a pick.

Campbell + 2nd = Grubauer
Dermott = Zadorov + Timmins

That's got to be reasonably close.

12 May 2020 16:57:52
I agree that Timmins is a little behind Sandin and liligeren but he's still good, at least worth a second. Zadorov is probably equal to Dermott. But is Campbell equal to Grubauer? No. So that's how I view this deal. A no from colorado, but it is not horrible.

12 May 2020 18:35:34
Comparing Sandin to Liljigren is kind of ludicrous in my opinion anyway lol. Sandin is younger and more ready.

Timmins was once a highly rated prospect. As far as reclamation prospects go I wouldn't mind bringing him in.

Grubauer isn't a great goaltender. Avs may be enticed to take Freddy on instead of Campbell and the second though if Dubas wants to use the second with something else and bring in a guy like Georgiev.

13 May 2020 01:40:35
There we go. I like that suggestion even better LeafsLife. The only problem is can Rangers afford Andersen on the team with Lundqvist still refusing to retire or be traded? If they can, then they probably would be more than happy to take Andersen to run tandem for a year with Shesteyorkin.

My proposal was a bit weak, but with a small twist, it becomes a lot stronger.

13 May 2020 02:24:28
After the draft, but before the injury, there were several analysts that had Timmins ranked almost as highly as Makar. Colorado almost scored a double homerun with that draft.

Timmins obviously still has a lot of talent and did well in the AHL this year. He's probably only a few years from making the NHL now, if he doesn't get hurt again. He would have been a lock for the NHL and probably would have progressed about the same as Dermott or Sandin is my guess. Now, it's hard to say. And obviously after such a major concussion, the risk of a career ending injury is extremely high still right now, and will remain so for the duration of his career. If he's lucky, he will be fine and have a long and healthy successful playing career

More than likely, he will fa into that category of player that will continue to be hurt repeatedly, suffering multiple concussions for the duration of his playing days, ultimately ending in a shortened career without reaching his potential.

Time for the crystal ball:
Timmins will have a few good seasons between ages 25-30, but not much else outside that range is my guess.



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