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18 May 2020 05:04:31
Tor signs Spezza 2 years @ 950k per year
Tor signs Byfuglein 3 years @ 5.5 million per year

Tor gets
Kane LW

Sharks get
Kapenan RW
Johnsson LW

Tor gets
Dipeitro G

Van gets
Stotts C

Toronto's forward lines

Toronto's defensive lines

Toronto's Goalies
Andersen Sg
Campbell Bg

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18 May 2020 14:08:24
Is this for real? Surely you must be kidding. Buf at 5 . 5. No way. I wouldn't give Buf more than 1.5. I would do the Kane trade hands down. Does SJS do it? It is worth asking. As for the prospect trade, I know more about Dipeitro than Stotts, meaning I doubt Vancouver does that. Who knows.

18 May 2020 16:15:14
I really don't see Buff coming back unless its for a playoff run at the end of the next season, whenever that will be and for a team like Chicago, Minny, Florida or even the Jets. I don't believe that the Kane trade would be enough from the Leafs to get him. Take out Johnsson and throw in at least a 1st and Liljegren then there's a chance.

18 May 2020 16:49:39
Wouldn't do more than a one year deal for buff and only if cheap.

18 May 2020 18:23:21
Really islandjet? 5.5 mil doesn't get you Buf? Don't get me wrong, I love Byfgulien, he was one of my favourite players, but 5.5 is way over what he deserves after the time he spent sitting out. He would be like Nylander and we all know how that went.

18 May 2020 19:25:23
Lol. He won't be like Nylander. He would be worse. He hasn't played, is 35 and had a major injury.

Islandjet stated he would want to pick his team which I actually do agree with.

18 May 2020 19:35:34
LMFAO. Like Buff would ever go back to the Jets. That's got to be the most inane statement made on this site possibly ever.

18 May 2020 23:46:37
No kidding LeafsGM. the last place Buf will go is Winnipeg. If he were to stay there, his contract wouldn't have been terminated. LeafsLife, yes he will want to pick his team, but I don't think it terribly far-fetched to think he will want to come to Toronto. He would be top pairing here. And you are right he would be worse than Nylander. I was just illustrating what will happen to him.

19 May 2020 16:44:02
Buff and the Jets never have said a bad word about what happened this past season. Buff just wanted to get healthy and decided he rather not play. There would be zero chance he comes back to play for the ridiculas Leafs who have a sad history of being the worse media and fans who turn on their players anytime they make a mistake. I really don't see any chance Buff comes back.



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