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20 May 2020 23:30:16
tor gets,1st, wilson, orlov,5th, oshie
wsh gets, marner, nylander

sign pietrangelo, thornton, hamonic.

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21 May 2020 02:40:47
This is actually an incredibly interesting proposition. I don't actually think either team does this. I find it interesting because it's opposing views. Marner and Nylander are by far the most "talented" in the deal. We then consider what Washington "values" which is more "toughness". I don't think Dubas wants to be grittier but it seems like a value prop to me if both teams changed GMs tomorrow.

21 May 2020 15:19:08
Those guys are well loved in Washington. I can see them making half the trade. Wilson for Marner maybe. Something like that. I really don't think Washington would have much interest in Nylander the cream puff.

21 May 2020 16:57:54
First off where’s the cap space coming from to sign those free agents and also oshie is signed till he’s 40 and that’s a boat anchor contract Wilson is a good pickup and orlov is a lefty we have a ton of them already even if this trade did work cap wise we would be a better Nashville Predators team basically.

21 May 2020 18:29:59
Yes nice read but not a chance it happens.

21 May 2020 20:04:25
Wilson for Marner would be very bad for toronto Leafsgm I am sure you already know that. But yes, that is probably all washington takes. in the end, no-one takes this deal.

21 May 2020 22:06:51
Wilson for Marner would be a good deal for Toronto in my opinion. Put Wilson beside Mathews and watch him go. The cap saving could also facilitate another trade.

22 May 2020 00:18:55
If Wilson is good enough to play beside Ovechkin, he's good enough to play beside either Tavares or Matthews. The cap savings alone on this deal would enable us to obtain a top line RHD. Once you look at it like that, and see the possibilities beyond just the Wilson for Marner trade, it looks a little better. That cap space right now could be more valuable than the extra 20-30 assists Marner might get over Wilson. A stud RHD getting 30-40 points more than offsets the difference.

22 May 2020 01:04:17
I like the Wilson for Marner deal. Maybe you can get Washington to throw in a pick or AHL prospect. The cap savings would allow Leafs to sign a pretty good RHD

tor gets wilson, and 5th
wsh gets marner

sign pietrangelo or more realistically hamonic.

23 May 2020 00:28:11
Leafs1994 they get the cap space from trading marner, obviously.



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