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17 Aug 2020 19:37:57
Leafs: Johnsson, Liljegren
Oilers: Larsson, Puljujarvi

Leafs: Kapanen
Ducks: Manson

Leafs: Nylander, SDA
Rangers: Kakko, Georgiev

Leafs: Andersen
Sabers: Luukkonen, Thompson




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17 Aug 2020 20:56:33
Nylander should be traded for better dman. Manson not a top dman.

17 Aug 2020 21:07:39
That Nylander trade is different. Rangers may take it as they might want to win now. Hard to tell where they think their at.

17 Aug 2020 22:17:50
like it! But Nylander might be a bit of an overpay!

17 Aug 2020 23:07:16
Do you mean Kapanen hockey91?

17 Aug 2020 23:07:39
Not sure if Nylander is an overpay or underpay either Stryker lol. It's a good prop for that reason.

17 Aug 2020 23:29:56
I like it mane but I want spezza back he’s a beauty.

18 Aug 2020 00:06:22
Leafslife. No I mean I would be trading Nylander for a top dman. Kapenen is bit better then Manson also I don't see Manson as a top pairing dman.

18 Aug 2020 00:41:42
I would hate to see Liljegren included in the package for Larsson. I just think he still has a couple more years before we can call him a bust. Unless elite, defensemen don't usually break into NHL until 23-25 years of age. Other than Makar and Heiskenan, Liljegren is still ahead of the rest of the defensemen from his draft class.

So Liljegren still has a couple years to make it before being an official bust. Meanwhile, we know for fact that Larsson is rapidly declining and would only be a rental. Puljujarvi is a wild card, but I don't think he outperforms a healthy Johnsson anytime soon.

It's a tough one. I'm not sure I like it. I wouldn't cry if it was Johnsson for Larsson straight up. But throwing the prospect players in makes me want to say no. I still got faith in Lily-bust.

18 Aug 2020 02:45:38
Issue with Liljigren as I see it is his progression hasn't been where you want it to be. If you wait until he is 23-25 his value is gone.

18 Aug 2020 04:42:11
Good call man same thoughts.

18 Aug 2020 11:23:45
How much further along do you want his progression to be? He's already in transition between NHL and AHL. Makar only made the NHL full time last year. And he is an elite defenseman.

All I know, is that a few years ago, if someone told me we had a 21 year old Swedish RHD that was drafted 15th overall, who was farther ahead in development than the entire rest of his draft class outside two elite future Norris candidates, and who had 30 points in 40 games this year before being called up to the NHL, I would have been very excited.

18 Aug 2020 11:25:53
Put it another way. I got a lot. more faith that Liljegren will make the NHL than Puljujarvi will at this point. They are the same age, but one is a forward who has already seemingly busted out of the NHL altogether, while the other has never really gotten his chance.

18 Aug 2020 14:26:40
@hockeyluvr I agree with you 100% on Liljegren. His development so far has been right on pace with what the Leafs have asked of him.

His first year (and age 18 season) in the AHL was all about getting his feet wet and learning to play the North American game.

In his second year, he was taken off the PP, played extensively on the PK and the coaching staff spent the whole year developing the defensive side of his game.

In his third year he was asked to put it all together and he did! 30 pts in 40 games, played the PK and PP and evolved into an elite 2-way defenseman by AHL standards, and he even got a call-up to the NHL where I felt he looked very comfortable.

This coming season will likely be when he graduates to the NHL full time and we'll get to actually see what sort of NHL defenseman he's going to be.

Right on track. The problem is that Sandin arrived and has wildly outperformed his draft position and everyone's expectations, so everyone is comparing the two as if that's at all fair to Liljegren. Liljegren's on track, and Sandin is freakishly ahead. That's the reality.

18 Aug 2020 14:45:58
Y’all already know my opinion on Manson

If Nylander goes it will be for a top pairing defenceman like Pulock

Third trade is risky but could be a smash hit as well.



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