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24 Aug 2020 22:33:13
Tor: marner, Johnsson
Ott: brown, 3rd overall and 5th overall

Tor: nylander, Andersen, dermott
Chi: boquist, 2021 1st, 2022 1st

Sign hall 3 years 5.5 million
(he wants a playoff team)
Sign brodie 2 years 5 millions
Sign spezza league minimum
Sign markstrom 4 year 6.5 million
Sign tanev 4 million 2 year

Hyman Matthews brown
Hall tavares micheyev
Robertson kerfoot kapanen
Engvall spezza brooks

Muzzin Brodie
Reilly tanev
Sandin holl


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25 Aug 2020 00:16:33
Ottawa trade is probably a no from both sides. Ottawa is in a lose now process snd wouldn't be surprised if they deal with teams who want to unload a bad cobtract of an active able player along with a prospect or pick just for taking on that contract. That way they hit the cap floor while gaining a few pieces in the future. They don't care who plays because they aren't in win mode at all.

This is their big draft year. They can build from this draft to go along with a couple young pieces going forward. Yes, marner is still young but dealing for him now is pointless. He makes them better when they need to be worse fir a few more years.

Toronto is in win noe so unless they use those picks to pick up a legit defencemsn than getting those picks are pointless. it would just be easier to deal marner for a dman.

25 Aug 2020 00:20:58
The value of the chicago deal is there. Problem is chicago doesn't have the cap space to take on nylander and andersen. theyd have to give leafs a couple cap dumps to make this work. then it becomes question of what's the point if you deal to get cap room only to get worse players without saving much cap. Sure you get a a good defence prospect maybe being your bottom pairing next year along with some picks but leafs are in win now.

25 Aug 2020 00:25:02
If all these trades somehow happened exactly how written then yes leafs have the money to sign brodie, tanev and markstrom.

No way Hall signs that cheap. if he does well great but dought it.

not bad signings at all. the d looks much better and the goaltending should be pretty close to what they had. the offence takes a step back but a better d corp might help win more.

25 Aug 2020 00:55:53
Ottawa would never make this trade.

25 Aug 2020 01:36:09
Don't want hall. Said many times he has the worst attitude on and off the ice. He's a distraction this team doesn't need.

I don't think Chi agrees to that trade either but the first one I like. The Ott trade may only go through if Dubas can convince someone higher up to pay Marners signing bonus first. If it does I like it though. Even if I don't see you getting both picks for Marner. Maybe just the 3rd or 5th.

25 Aug 2020 01:37:18
Hall will get more then that.
Ottawa says no to that trade.
Brodie, Tanev and Markstrom are decent targets.

25 Aug 2020 01:51:11
So chi is to give up best defensive young rhd and 2 first for that lol.

25 Aug 2020 10:00:34
Wow tarasencolt,
You really got a woody for dmen don't you?
Especially the young ones.

25 Aug 2020 13:49:46
I've heard them missouri folk like em young. Ever seen ozark?



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