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02 Sep 2020 14:41:46
Tor: Andersen, johnsson 2021 5th
Car: 2020 1st, fleury

Tor: nylander, kerfoot, holl
Fla: ekblad, knight

Tor: dermott
Mtl: primeau

Toronto lineup

Robertson matthews marner 24
Micheyev tavares hyman 16
Engvall brooks barbanov 3
Goat spezza korshkov 3

Reilly ekblad 13
Muzzin fleury 7
Sandin Lehtonen/lily 2

Campbell primeau 3

Total 71

Can afford to give lehner a 1 year 10.5 million dollar contract or same with Pietro.

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02 Sep 2020 14:52:08
If Carolina would make that trade the leafs should definitely do it. Same with the Florida deal. Both trades may be underpayments but that means the leafs win the trade.

I’m not really sure how many goalie prospects we need though lol. We already have Woll who looks like he can at the very least be a backup. If we’re trading Freddy though I would expect Lehner long term with all that cap space.

02 Sep 2020 19:07:03
Primeau and knight seems like Overkill but I'm assuming you want to run a tandem. Fits well if that's the case. I can see MTL being willing. He's stuck behind price and may not get to play for a long time.

Ekblad trade looks fair. I can see them asking for Liljigren instead of Holl though.

Probably a bit light in the Carolina trade. Not sure what you can add but I'd bet they want a bit more.

02 Sep 2020 20:09:25
Primeau not only has a nhl legacy but is considered a legit future starter. problem is price is signed long term so having primeau back him up for next 4 years seems like a waste. Question is. is dermott really enough? Yes he is a solid LHD and would be a great partner for either weber or petry. he definetly becomes in the top 4 in montreal. how much will dermott adk for. my guess is a bridge under 3 or long term deal averaging 4. Dermott signs short gambling on himself or team gambles long term. either way is he enough?

Id offer up Zach Bouthillier rights and vegas 4th 2020 toronto 4th 2021 to make happen.

02 Sep 2020 20:14:44
That florida deal is pretty close. ekblad for nylander is quite close due to ekblads injury history.35 million owed over 5 years and .7 extra cap hit vs 24 million owed over 4 years and .7 cap hit savings in nylander. its debatable but pretty freakin close

Florida is losing a bunch of good forwards and throw in their vorchek (bad spelling) giveaway to carolina doesn't help so kerfoot is definetly a solid add for this deal. Holl is odviously the d throwin to replace ekblad. Getting knight would be awesome in this deal. He is stuck for 6 more years behind bob so good luck kid. if i were toronto i'd simply add Woll as a good gesture

Overall not bad suggestion.

02 Sep 2020 20:30:22
Is johnsson and 5th worth fleury?
Is Andersen worth a 1st?

Didnt think so. i mean all these deals saved leafs 10.5 or so in cap space depending on what fleury wants right.

My suggestion don't worry about petro or lehner and use money to make this deal work. take on half of andersens salary. surely andersen at half price and johnsson has to be worth close to that fleurys value. then take back reimer . his 2 years at 3.4 has to be worth that 1st. might even snag another pick or prospect for taking on that 2nd year.

Dubas wants to give campbell a fair fulltime shot so get him an ok backup. expose reimer in expansion draft. if not picked buy him out. be under 1.2 million for 2 years. that's kessels retain and its off books anyways by then. if primeau is ready next year have him battle reimer and bury reimer with marlies if he loses. then knight and scott get to develope properly.

Retaining half andersen and taking on reimer costs 5.9 million leaving leafs with 4-5 million at deadline time. that D don't need petro.

Top 4 will take 44 minutes a night leaving 16 minutes of sheltered minutes for that bottom pairing.

Quick note. Fleury wants a 6 year deal in the 30-33 million area. either way leafs still would have cap space at deadline.

02 Sep 2020 20:35:04
If Primeau isn't moved by next summer expect price to be exposed. just a thought he is from out west. would be a great marketing tool for seattle much like fleury was for vegas

Also with marc andre fleury having that extra year on his contract after this season could he be first goalie ever taken by two differant expansion teams in 2 differant expansion drafts


02 Sep 2020 21:44:11
i don't thonk we get Primeau for Dermott but with our own pick back we can sign Askarov and with the 15th pick Schneider. not sure where Woll is at maybe send him to Florida to replace Knight who won't play behind Bob. but i don't think we get back our pick from Canes for those pieces along with Fleury.

02 Sep 2020 22:42:12
Sign Hoffman 5 mm for 5 years to play 3rd line LW instead of Engvall.

Sign a goalie for $4.5 MM x 3 years, there is enough quality goaltenders

Add Kessel $1.2 MM. Brings you to 80MM.



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