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04 Sep 2020 17:49:52
Washington trades

Andersen(50% retained)

Then right after

Columbus trades
Anderson rights
Dubinsky LTIR


Washington trade..they are looking for a non term starter who is capable of a workload. They don't want to sign hotby longterm but hotby wants 4 year deal minimum. Lehner won't sign a 1 year deal unless its for 8 million plus. He will sign ling term cheaper but again washington only wants a 1 year solution so samsonov can backup 1 more year before going longterm with him. Getting andersen solves both solution. Also washington has 6 forwards and 4 dmen they NEED to protect in expansion draft and that's if they don't sign any ufas this offseason. They wouldn't need to protect a goalie thus protecting their other assets needed. Andersen works way to perfectly.

For toronto getting s backup is needed for next deal. Hathaway is a gritty 3rd liner and hobbs is a decent minor league point getter. Leason is reward for helping with andersens cap hit...

For Columbus they get an elite scoring forward that has been missed since panarin left. Dubois now has a playmaking forward with scoring ability. They get backup goalie cheap and since mez was signed longer and for more money than korp columbus has to deal 1 before expansion. Dealing now gets way more value.

For Toronto..they get starter for now snd future. Korp has 1 good starting year and a few backup years on his resume. Is he the solution? Guess time to find out..columbus oaying more on other goalie tells me they like the other better. Savard is what toronto needs. Columbus can afford his departure. They would rather test peeke out full time so savard is expendable for them. Andersen is throwin due to differance in the contract lengths. Korp is only 2 years then ufa. Savard is 1 then ufa. Nylander is 4 so something has to give for that reason. Anderson and mikhayev hopefully signs 3-4/2.5

Hyman matthews marner =24.5
Mikhayev tavares Anderson =16
Johnsson kerfoot Hathaway=8.5
Barbosov gauthier/brooks leason=3

Rielly savard=9.5
Muzzin Holl =7.6


Kessel + Andersen =3.7

80.2 before LTIR

Can still johnsson or kerfoot if want to give spezza another go or give robertson full season..

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04 Sep 2020 18:17:59
Deal dermott for assets or keep him. if he is kept then toronto hits cap capacity after he signs simular deals as andersen and mikhayev sign

Rielly savard
Muzzin dermott
Sandin/ lehtonen holl/ liljegren

Sorry boyt that.

04 Sep 2020 18:28:45
Ya no thanks! First, the Leafs are NOT retaining any salary on Andersen, he will actually fetch a solid return (just wait and see) Second, we are trading quality for a bag of pucks. If the Leafs are trading Nylander, the will want Seth Jones! If not, next please. moving on.

04 Sep 2020 18:57:08
I'll wait and see lol. I doubt he fetches what some of of these "sports writers" are saying he will. He won't get you a solid prospect and a first. To many better goalies hitting the market. If your a team like CBJ or Colorado why not just sign holtby or Lehner if that's what you want.

Unless Freddy is cheap teams won't want him.

04 Sep 2020 18:58:58
I know Seth Jones is a great player but there are others you can target.

04 Sep 2020 19:19:59
im sorry nylander won't get jones. he will get a great RHD. just not jones. columbus will run with jones-werenski combo until they become ufas much like jersey did with stevens and niedameyer (bad spelling) . or more resently keith seabrook. just can't see columbus breakin that up when they just truely found out they have it . just sayin

If dubas after every move he makes before next season realizes his cap is under the ceiling why wouldn't he offer retaining any of andersen cap hit to get even more value

We all know leafs will play to cap ceiling if not more if they aquire ltir contracts. so the better assets leafs can get the more dubas will try to get those assets. if retaining any amount of andersens cap can get assets and leafs find they aren't using it anyways why not sell it. buisness 101 leaf style.

04 Sep 2020 19:59:12
Andersen is going to washington not columbus. columbus actually needs to figure out who they will go with before expansion. I know they can wait until then but the earlier they decide the more the will fetch for the other. if wait until expansion teams will know the desperation so the price drops big time.

Holtby want long term. washington wants a short term solution as samsonov is long term solution. lehner wants big money for non multi year deal. washington can't afford much more than two three million on a one year goalie solution. andersen at half makes too much sense for this particular situation.

04 Sep 2020 21:08:23
I actually didn't mean to put CBJ. Total brain fart there lol. I realize they don't need a goalie either.

04 Sep 2020 21:09:03
You are correct sir. The 3 places I think have asked about Freddy are Caps, Avs and Canes.



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