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14 Sep 2020 16:19:38
Tor: marner, dermott, Andersen, 1st

Phi: frost, provorov, hart, 1st

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14 Sep 2020 16:29:55
Flyers won't trade Hart.

14 Sep 2020 17:14:03
The more I think about this the more I feel I'm Reaching. Marner>>>>>frost
Leafs first > flyers first

I think it's close but harts value may trump marners value

We would also have to try provorov on the right side, I didn't put out my lines here.

Micheyev matthews nylander
Robertson tavares hyman
Johnsson frostkerfoot
Goat engvall spezza

Reilly provorov
Muzzin Lehtonen
Sandin holl

Hart campbell

Protection list for expansion draft

Reilly provorov muzzin
Expose holl

Expose campbell

Matthews, Tavares, nylander, micheyev, hyman, kerfoot, johnsson

Expose engvall and goat.

14 Sep 2020 18:07:06
I think you need a significant add. Hart and provorov are both pieces for the future and present for Phi.

14 Sep 2020 18:40:50
Leafs add reilly, phili adds Meyers and a 3rd?

14 Sep 2020 19:08:34
Lol yes ask for provorov again
For the last time cement head he is not available.

14 Sep 2020 20:02:48
Oh I was unaware Provorov is more untouchable than Gretzky, Interesting. Every player can be traded for the right price. The leafs aren't moving nothing pieces here. Reilly marner are top pieces to be moved Andersen is a solid piece and dermott still has value not to mention moving up 8 spots in the draft.

Also what is your connection with Philadelphia's gm? How on earth would you know he's not available?

Calling someone cement head for tweeking a post, 90% sure I saw you do the exact same thing down below with a flames trade. I atleast try and get creative with my posts and keep the different trade options coming, rather than posting the same damn thing somebody did a week ago.

Yakushev feels an awful lot like MPH did you change your name because leafsgm was a little mean to you?

14 Sep 2020 21:52:43
Who’s mph?
But if he called you a birdbrain I like him.

14 Sep 2020 23:01:41
And you had Carter hart in there too

15 Sep 2020 00:09:28
Randy here we go

Marner 50% retained

Faulk Sandford 2021 2nd.

15 Sep 2020 00:51:24
MPH doesn't talk this much lol but sounds the same.



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