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15 Sep 2020 14:07:34
I have never even thought about putting Marner in a deal... because I don't believe he will be traded. For fun, I thought what may it look like. His value is a little less than his skill because of his contract. I tried to come up with a couple based on the Leafs would want to start with a top 4 RHD at a good age and cost controlled plus a 1st and go from there.

Marner 10.93

To Leafs
Severson $4.16
2020 1st 7OA
Bastian .714

The 7th OA has tons of value in this draft. Devils have two more top 20 picks in this draft, tons of cap space and a stable of good prospects. Marner gives them the all-star winger to play with their possible all-star centres they have drafted. They could easily flip other prospects etc for D help. Their window is the future.
Leafs get a cost controlled top 4 rhd who plays 20+ mins a night, the 7th OA pick, a solid power forward prospect and a lot of coveted cap space.

To Min
Marner 10.93

To Leafs
Dumba 6
Hartman 1.9
2020 1st 9OA

Similar to the trade to NJ. Wild have the cap space, but lack young high end talent. They have an aging cast and the window is closing(maybe closed). How bad do they want to keep it open and get younger and more talented? Leafs return is similar to above trade with NJ, but Hartman gives them NHL ready sandpaper.

Do the Islanders want to make a push after their run?

Marner 10.93

To Leafs
Bailey 5
Pulock RFA
Wahlstrom ELC

Pulock's value may never be higher than now. NYI gets the winger for Barzal and their window is now when you look at their roster and who they hired as coach. They have the D-core that could possibly afford losing Pulock. Cap space is tighter with them as they would still need to likely move a piece to re-sign Barzal and Toews. Islander do not have a 1st or second this year, so they would have to move players. Leafs get their D-man, a solid winger who goes to another level come playoff time and a top prospect who may be NHL ready. They may gain a little cap space depending on the Pulock re-sign cost.

Have at it.

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15 Sep 2020 14:28:56
The first two trade I wouldn’t do severson and Dumba just don’t get me that excited the top 10 picks are nice but I don’t think you can draft a marner and the islanders value their players more.

15 Sep 2020 16:55:47
If its a straight hockey trade then both trades are almost fair but with the cap being flat for the next 3/ 4 seasons Marner with his $11 mil salary would fetch much less in any trade.

15 Sep 2020 18:39:29
Minnesota trade is an easy no after a bad season by Dumba.

New Jersey trade is a little closer but I’m not sure Severson would fit with Reilly. He is a great 2 way defenceman but I’m just not sure he has the defensive capability to let Reilly be his pure offensive self. Maybe if you partner him with Muzzin and get a cheap fully defensive guy for Reilly.

Islanders trade is hard to judge based on what the Islanders will do with their cap space. Right now Pulock is their best defenceman so I’m not sure if they are willing to move on from him, but if their cap space forces them to then honestly this is a trade they would probably consider. It would just depend if the leafs are willing to move Marner.

15 Sep 2020 20:59:28
1 of Rossi, holtz and perfetti will be good 2nd line players but not close to marners level. Severson and bastian don't seem to make up the differance. A team not worried about the cap and more worried about finances, and his 35 million over next 5 seasons is a huge bargain. devils add next years 1st rounder plus a roster forward to the original offer to even start considering dealing his bargain salary contract to a non cap worried team.

1 of Lundell, sanderson, jarvis and quinn will all be good compliment players but marner will give minny fans something to watch for 5 more years and his salary owing is enough for minnys ownership to jump at getting such a player for such a bargain. dumba 2-3 years ago and this deal probably goes straight up. Now dumba, one of those previosly mentioned draftees and hartman definitely don't make up close to marners value salary or on ice. minny adds their 1st next year plus a prospect of matt boldy level.

The islanders are and will be a cap strapped team so even if marners salary is huge value his cap hit for the islanders suck. they have barzal so don't need marner. They have 13 million to sign both barzal and pulock. it can be done unless a team offersheets barzal. If anything islanders will deal other contracts to make room or deal pulock for a package of picks and prospects and good ones.

Islandjet, to teams not in cap trouble but financial trouble marners value is as high as it gets. On the flip side to cap strapped teams (75% of league) marner is unatainable due to his cap number. If dubas ever dealt him he will find one of the non cap finacial strapped teams to deal with and get best value for him. you never see both sides of the coin now do yeah.

Solid deals made here. thanks for the read.



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