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15 Sep 2020 20:44:47
Pens and Canes keep getting linked to the Leafs, so how about a blockbuster 3 team trade.

To Canes
Nylander 6.96 (Tor)
Anderson 5 (Tor)
Petan .775 (Tor)

To Pens
2020 1st 15OA (Tor)
McGinn 2.1(Car)

To Leafs
Pesce 4.05 (Car)
2020 1st 13OA (Car)
Mattheos ELC (Car)
Murray RFA (Pit)
Lafferty RFA (Pit)

Canes will still have to move a Goalie and clear some cap space, but get the best player in the trade and improve their Goaltending.

Pens get a 1st and McGinn for Murray and Lafferty which should be a good return for them. They now have a 1st back to draft with or use for another move.

Leafs get a younger Goalie with SC experience, the RHD that is cost certain they have been searching for, move up two spots in the draft, a 4th liner with some bite and a solid prospect while clearing about $8mil in cap space to sign Murray+.

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15 Sep 2020 21:42:24
This is one of the best three way deals I've seen

Carolina wants a goalie upgrade and a scoring option and are rumored to be dangling torontos pick and a young top 4 dman to get these items

Pittsburgh wants to trade murray but won't be forced into it. They asked for edmontons 1st rounder and murray wants north of 6 and be signed long term. Edmonton asked pittsburgh to take on kostinen. pittsburgh won't take goalie back and edmonton didn't want to get stuck paying 10 plus million in goaltending for that first pick.

Toronto wants a RHD and dubas has a thing for murray hockey wise since his days in the sau.

Financial strapped carolina sees nylander as a huge prize. 20 million over next 4 years in real money is under market value for a guy of nylanders talent. Carolina always finds a way to get under cap so they are not a cap strapped team. Nylander is big value for them. Andersen at 1 million salary again is huge for them plus upgrades their goaltending in a huge way. Pesce,13th overall, matheos and mcginn almost seems underwelling for what carolina gets.

Pittsburgh gets their 1st rounder back plus mcginn for goalie they don't want a a 4th liner they can easily replace. seems like a win their

Toronto gets their long term goaltending solution (keep andersen this year lose him to free agency next summer and now what? ) they get their RHD solution they've been unsuccessfully doing. They move up in the draft 2 spots so can snag askarov now begore carolina does. lol. plus save a million in cap space. they do lose nylander which sucks but whether agree or disagree pesce for nylander seems like the right deal. That leaves andersen with petan and 15th for murray 13th and lafferty. Looking at it that way seems like every team wins this deal. strange.

Question becomes will pittsburgh be part of carolina improving their netminding and will carolina make a deal without adding reimer in deal.

If every team fills their needs and wants while dealing from their strengths to fulfill those needs to get better now and the future why wouldn't they all do this

Amazing. mindblown. you got my vote for best proposal of last month.

15 Sep 2020 23:09:57
The Pens and Carolina get screwed while the Leafs dump "I can't win the big game but will be a UFA next year Anderson" and useless Petan and get Pesce, Murray, a 1st and extras. This is a definite pro Leaf trade.

15 Sep 2020 23:40:19
Didn't notice the Nylander Part IJ?

Rally well done 3 way trade. Everyone gets what they want.

Personal preference I don't want Murray. That is highly subjective though.

Very good prop. Well done.

15 Sep 2020 23:56:22
This is a great 3 way trade.
But Murray is not the answer for the leafs and is not worth a 1st or north 6 million.
If I'm Toronto I'm calling Arizona about Kuemper.

16 Sep 2020 00:35:52
LL I did notice Toronto finally dumps Nylander. I know how badly most Leaf fans would like Toronto to trade soft, uninterested, overpaid Nylander. Dubas can fool some desperate for offense teams like Car into thinking he'll be an offensive star, he won't. The Leafs still make out like bandits with this lopsided trade.

16 Sep 2020 02:21:47
Yea I don’t see how the pens ever say yes to this they want to shed cap space but not just give there players away.

16 Sep 2020 03:46:52
Lol IJ. Nylander is still a 30+ scorer and he isn't overpaid. Of all players a 6.9 hit isn't overpaid for what he brings.



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