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25 Oct 2020 14:50:13
Kerfoot 3.5
Liljegren .863

Mcloed .863
Bastian ELC
Zutterland ELC

NJ needs more experienced NHL talent and with Zajac gone at end of season, Kerfoot makes a great 3C for them that can move up the lineup when needed or play the wing and penalty kill. NJ has loads of good forward prospects, but a little light on D prospects, especially NHL ready. Liljegren fills an area of need as they seem to be doing just one year vet deals to fill out their D this year. NJ has lots of cap space to use both this year and next.

Tor gets a young 3/4C who has really worked on his defensive game. The perfect year for Toronto to bring in a guy like Mcloed as they have Spezza and Thornton in the mix. They also pick up two close to, or maybe ready prospects to move into the bottom 6 either this year or next. Both are hard working, gritty types. Leafs also create 3.5 in cap space.

Basically works out to Liljegren for Mcloed and Kerfoot for Bastian and Zutterland.

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25 Oct 2020 15:51:14
Funny how leafs fought Nylander so hard but caved into Marner and after two seasons he hasn’t come close to earning his ticket. The bar to earn 10.5 million must be Patrick Kane. Marner isn’t anywhere near Kane who is coming up on 32 years old.

25 Oct 2020 17:23:10
Kane's Best season is already played but Marner dont, and kane ppg 1.05 and Marner 0,97 Who is 23year old and still better season Come to future, kane is old and he already played Best season. First 4 season kane didn't do much vs. Marner. I want Marner stay to leafs not kane play Leafs never thanks. Kane is good not god remember that and he is 32years old. Summasummarum Marner is better and younger that kane when Marner played 1000games. let's see, nobody no who is better when Marner play 1000games. You are fanatic kane fan and i like Marner play. Both Cap is too much but 99% Hockey fans choose younger Marner own team than kane. Maby kane is too old and he can play couble season 70-80points play,
So kane is gone and Marner is future ppg player. Easy selection Marner.

This is Leafs web site go to hawks web site write kane kane kane kane and kane funny stories. Thanks.

25 Oct 2020 18:13:53
Age 19/ 20’season yr2-5 Kane

317gms 105g 192 a 297pts

Age 19/ 20 season yr1-4 marner
300 gms. 83g. 208a. 291pts

Since signing 10+million deal Kane

396gms. 184g. 281a. 465pts. 2.17ppg

Since signing 10+million deal marner

59 gms. 16g. 51a. 67pts. 2.13ppg

Outside the cups Kane won before his big contract please show me how Kane is so much better?

25 Oct 2020 18:50:58
Dave just got schooled. lol.

25 Oct 2020 19:21:01
Funny, pretty sure neither Kane or Marner was in this trade. lol.

25 Oct 2020 20:28:34
Yeah sorry bout that

Deal wise kerfoot and devils never a good trade partner. Kerfoot said hells no as being a harvard grad can’t stand Princeton

University rivals is a real thing

Kerfoot never “EVER” will play or cheer anything jersey.

25 Oct 2020 20:33:20
That escalated quickly for a trade without either player lol.

25 Oct 2020 21:12:20
Your analysis always make me think Craiggers. Forgot about the princeton rivalry.

25 Oct 2020 21:19:30
If leafs won’t use Liljegren I’m sure jersey would.

Murray Subban
Butcher Severson

Then Liljegren Carrick and a LD for bottom pairing/ 7th

McLeod has had rough go due to being 12th overall pressure. Good player and fit right into bottom 6 for leafs. Cheap and nhl level that’s what leafs need for bottom 6

Vesey kerfoot Simmonds 3rd

Barbasov, Thornton, spezza, McLeod, Boyd
All solid bottom 3/ extra 2 guys

So Lilly for McLeod I’d go for.

25 Oct 2020 22:03:09
Princeton rivalry an interesting component. I wonder what would happen if he got traded there as he doesn't have a no trade. Would he refuse to report? Does it go that deep?

25 Oct 2020 22:55:36
Seattle expansion

Thomas hickey
Calvin pickard
Jason zucker
Alexander kerfoot
Shea theodore
Keegan kolesar
Matthew barzal
Ethan bear

8 most eligable players in nhl who could be both drafted by whl and expansion Seattle team

Calvin pickard could easily become 1st player to be picked by both Seattle teams and Vegas expansion


Kerfoot denied Seattle whl to go to Harvard. He has nothing against Seattle though except his dads whitecaps are huge rivals to Seattle’s Sounders mls team.

Fun stuff and thanks leafs life always try recalling my many adventures in the sports and Rumors I heard years ago. Starts to get foggy with age but still fun recalling.

26 Oct 2020 00:26:58
Good point after all back then he couldn’t sign over a million so going anywhere but jersey was an option. Now @ 3.5 if dealt I’m sure he’d report

I think it’s more jersey end now as they haven’t forgot and 3.5 wouldn't sit well with them.

26 Oct 2020 01:21:09
Do professional athletes carry school rivalries with them to the big leagues? They are professionals aren’t they?

I would think Kerfoot refusing to sign with Jersey might have had something to do with them not being a very good team than a school rivalry.

But I’ve never spoken to Kerfoot so I don’t know.

26 Oct 2020 03:40:18
Yeah they do. I'm a big college football guy and spent a lot of time down south training. If your a crimson tide player that gets drafter you hold that hatred until the day you die.

26 Oct 2020 04:55:52
I don’t know. I guess it’s possible. I just always figure you leave rivalries behind when you move on. Like when a player gets traded to another team. He’s no longer a leaf, so no longer is a Montreal rival type thing. Now he has a new team and a new team rival.

26 Oct 2020 12:26:28
When kerfoot was drafted jersey just went to the cup
The following 4 years they regressed quickly

Think league should do what it does to European players to the college players. Right now if a college players stays 4 years in college they are ufa when they get out but with same RFA elc signing rules.

CHL players have 3 years
College 4 years
European 7 years

I think a player should only get drafted 1 time and team he gets drafted to unless his rights are traded must play for that team or not play in AHL or nhl for 7 years.

If you refuse to sign as an RFA to team that drafted you and team won’t deal you you are stuck out of league until you are official ufa. Easy solution

Stop giving these college guys the option
They do it the most.

26 Oct 2020 13:34:51
Ok, so hold on, let me get this straight. Kerfoot would likely report to NJ if he got traded there, but NJ wouldn't trade for him because he went to Harvard and not Princeton? Wow, that is a bit crazy. Habs traded for Domi. I know the rivalries are real, but man.

26 Oct 2020 13:54:40
I see what you are getting at now craigger. Since NJ drafted him and he wouldn't sign (speculation because of Princeton/ Harvard rivalry), now NJ wouldn't trade for him.

26 Oct 2020 14:28:51
Agreed craiggers. On that note though, NA players should have the option to play AHL.

26 Oct 2020 18:25:34
Only on AHL deals that don’t get them out of their drafted teams rights.



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