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25 Oct 2020 22:16:21
I am not saying trade Kane for marner

But in crunch time Kane is better

Leafs trade marner

Coyotes young player plus 3 first round pics

End season

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26 Oct 2020 00:11:02
Why are u mentioning Kane when deal is with Arizona

The Kane vs Marner debate only makes marner look better. The fact it has an argument on both ends makes marner look awesome since Kane is awesome so thanks

Marner has 8 years to get 3 cups 1 art ross and I think an mvp but not sure on that. Brain little foggy

The fact a 23 yr old can be compared to Kane I’d totally stay away from Arizona deal and just hope marner continues to improve. None of the picks or prospects in return for marner could end up being marner


But I’m sure there is a good argument on the other end I’ll read.

26 Oct 2020 00:16:54
Coyote won't lol.

26 Oct 2020 03:37:43
Since this is the new debate I'll add my two cents.

I prefer Kane to Marner. Get that out of the way lol.

Based on stats Kane is marginally ahead. Those types of differences statistically are insignificant though.

Kane won 3 Cups Marner won zero. One thing we all forget though, Marner makes 11 now. Kane won when he and his buddy made SIGNIFICANTLY less. Leafs didn't go all in like chicago did at the time.

I do believe Kane is the better player but most of that is personal bias. I would also like a couple guys on the team with a winning attitude. JT is an older guy but he has accomplished nothing in his career. Yes, those Islanders teams weren't the best but still. I think Kane brings more of a leadership quality and an effort every night than I see from Marner. Marner looked like dog rubbish after that play-in round and then admitted he didn't really give a rubbish anyway. Those kinds of attitudes have really started to bother me about this team.

26 Oct 2020 05:06:50
I wasn’t going to get sucked in, I thought it was so obvious Mackin is on a bender and has been drunk for a week. I actually didn’t think it was even a debate. Lol. But ok. Here’s my two cents:

Nobody in their right mind trades a Marner type player for a Kane type player at their current stages of their career.

That’s all I got.

26 Oct 2020 13:03:50
Kane is a leader? Really? Off the ice he’s and idiot. No way in hell you replace Marner with Kane.

26 Oct 2020 13:12:32
David is world biggest kane fan, littlebit too much. Not serious guy Or bad troll, nothing more. Go hawks fan site telling everybody p kane is world Best player ever=) Hilarious troll. Did yoU see the forest for the trees? Maby you have to see couple Marner and couple Kane match. I think i step troll trap. I don't read anymore Davidtroll's tell stories.

26 Oct 2020 13:25:59
Considering money is almost the same and Marner is 23, you keep Marner. imo

Kane is awesome, no doubt. But with he age difference and no significant cap savings, it wouldn't make a lot of sense to me to make the move.

26 Oct 2020 16:17:47
Arizona is over the Cap and can't add Marner.

I agree with RLF: Cane IS better than Marner, but Marner has youth on his side. by 8 years.

However, IF you had a chance to trade Marner's contract for something else, I'd do it in a heartbeat. He isn't a point-per-game player, and no way he can live up to his monstrous 11M contact.

26 Oct 2020 17:08:58
He is over a point per game 1.13 over since signing that deal. If 1.13 is considered bad than marner has nothing but up to look forward too.

26 Oct 2020 17:50:27
The only player the Coyotes will overpay for is hometown boy Matthews.

26 Oct 2020 18:21:38
They already proved they overpay with that hall trade.

26 Oct 2020 19:07:43
He is over a point per game player? Wtf you talking about?

27 Oct 2020 13:07:49
Marner Career Stats:

300 GP, 83 G, 208 A, 291 Points.

All I said was I'd trade him if I could, he's NOT a PPG player, and he isn't worth almost 11M/ season.

LEAFSLIFE: you asked me WTF was I talking about. Did I get this wrong, or did you just assume with all the hype he gets he must be a point a game player? If I am wrong please let me know. I'm surprised this is news to you?

27 Oct 2020 19:30:13
He is a well over a ppg player last 2 seasons

Guess Gretzky was never a 200 point season guy since he never averaged 200 ppseason right.

27 Oct 2020 23:18:39
By your theory there are only 9 ppg players in nhl
Draisaitl (barely)

So I guess mackinnon isn’t and Pasternak isn’t and Marchand isn’t

9 guys what a boring league.



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