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30 Oct 2020 10:18:42
Leafs trade Marner
Arizona trades Stepan, Dvorak, 1st (2021), 1st (2022)

Leafs draft McTavish (2021)
Leafs draft Wright (2022)

Done at the deadline if Leafs are not in a playoff position.

Dubas likes to gamble, this would be a huge bet. Hoping Arizona is still a bottom feeding team and they tank. Who knows? Maybe Leafs hit the jackpot and score big. At minimal, they duck out of the Marner contract.

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30 Oct 2020 11:22:48
Arizona is trying to get picks in, not send picks out.

30 Oct 2020 12:07:08
At first look, I thought maybe.
But, as much as they would like to move the Stepan contract, doing it at the deadline when he is on his last year of his deal, doesn't really help them much. Also ARZ doesn't have their 2021 1st.

30 Oct 2020 12:08:30
When its time to put people in seats Arizona will do a big move. By the end of next season it will be apparent who to trade Marner or Nylander but this is last year of big 4 Matthews Tavares Nylander Marner.

30 Oct 2020 13:25:47
Mctavish is a great kid. Plays 2 way game and has decent size for the new nhl. There are 4 Michigan college players In top 10 and a Minnesota college player in top 15
3 CHL players in top 10 and 2 in top 15. 5 European players mixed in with those 10 to make top 15 list. Mctavish is right at 16 for now. So barring no great change the worst team elimatef in 1st round could draft him. Arizona having no 1st round pick in 2021 might make it difficult if leafs improve past 1st round. However, with no ohl at moment his stock may drop enough to get him In the 20s. Don’t see him going much lower than that but you never know

Shane Wright 2022 consensus 2022 1st overall pick
LaFleur, Lemieux, lindros, Crosby and mcdavid
The true big 5 of Generational players tagged by nhl. This kid very well could be 6. So if Arizona finishes out of playoffs in 2021-22 and wins lottery this will probably be only way leafs can land him.

So even without the 2021 1st rounder going to Toronto in this trade I’d gamble for the possibility of landing wright even if the probability is low I’d still go it he is worth chance.

30 Oct 2020 13:40:10
You may be right David. This may be last year of big 4.
Also once again I agree with David that Arizona will be looking for big move once they are able to put humans in the seats. Although I remind everyone it costs money to get yourself a seat on the tv screen. Almost as much as tickets. I’ve heard some seats cost more than actually being there but I don’t know prices.

I think by 2022-23 things could be closer to normal and by then that will be last possible year Matthews can get dealt without his permission so I see that offseason being huge

For the deal since Arizona has no 2021 1st and want to save real Money and cap And get picks here’s my counter

Marner Dermott 2nd 2021
Schmaltz Stephan chycrun 2022 1st

Nylander 1st 2021
Dvorak Stephan 2022 1st

Either way marner and Dvorak got to be on same team
Arizona gets picks for next draft
The prize is chance at Wright.

30 Oct 2020 15:08:19
The exchange of salaries fits, which is key in this economic climate.

Arizona doesn't have their 2021 pick, and though I think your proposal is fair, Arizona is over the cap and the organization is a complete tire fire right now.

30 Oct 2020 15:59:27
You r totally right Chickenfoot.

30 Oct 2020 16:43:55
If we bow out early again this year, I have no doubt there is a change in the big 4.

30 Oct 2020 17:17:38
Agree with chicken foot here. Arizona can't afford to pay players, have no draft picks, changed management, bunch of people laid off. I'm not even sure if they stay in arizona at this point. They have been a tire fire for years now and it's getting worse.

30 Oct 2020 22:18:43
The only player on the Leafs or even in the league Arizona would overpay for is hometown boy Matthews. The Leafs could name their price and most likely would get it.

30 Oct 2020 22:50:11
They overplayed for Keller, Dvorak, schmaltz, raanta, Stephan, Kessel, demers, goligosky and Ekman Larsson

So yeah that false statement on 30 oct 2020 23:18:43 has been brought to you by islandjet. Can always rely on this person for stupid responses with no reason why.

30 Oct 2020 23:36:27
If Arizona trades all their high priced UFA’s for 7th round picks and retained 50% salary, is it possible they could hit cap floor using just retained salary and icing a bunch of league minimum players?

It would be like cap circumvention on the floor side of things. I mean, Ottawa did that last year with LTIR contracts. Why can’t Arizona do it with retained salary?

31 Oct 2020 02:47:24
Huh, That's a very good point hockeyluvr. Never thought of that but I guess they could.

31 Oct 2020 12:26:49
You can only retain salary on 3 players at any one time
You can only retain up to 15% of cap ceiling

So roughly 12.5 can be retained on 3 players max

If they can figure it out without breaking the rules (something they don’t do too well) then it’s a great idea.

31 Oct 2020 21:26:43
Funny how weird stuff like that pops into one of our minds every now and then. Like is it a good idea or not?

Technically, they are paying for players not on the team, so seems like a waste of money for a cash starved team. But you could also look at it as paying cash for those draft picks, which is something Arizona especially needs.



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