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01 Nov 2020 01:22:17
Black hawks: Kane (30%) retained

Leafs: Nylander, Holl, 1st Round Pick 2021.

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01 Nov 2020 03:59:47
Why is everyone trying to trade Nylander? Doesn’t make any sense! He’s 24 year old! And Kane is 31! 32 on November 19th! WTF?! Please people! Stop trading Nylander! It’s not happening! He’s too good!

01 Nov 2020 14:29:20

Leafs trade Matthews
Chicago trades Toews*, Kane*
*Chicago retains 50% of each

Is that better MacLeod?

01 Nov 2020 16:04:52
Uh no.

01 Nov 2020 16:17:22
People need to stop thinking of nylander as the perfect trade chip and start thinking, he is the single best monetary value on the team. Just looking at a $/ point aspect. 7m for 70 points is pretty solid. 11m for 90 points is kinda terrible if you look at it.

Now think, if you can trade that 11m for 2 5.5m players who produce 60 points you can hands down trade marner. Hell you knight get luck and see 65/ 70 points from 1 ofnthose 2 players and you can feel good about getting rid of marner. 130 points from 11m is so much better.

01 Nov 2020 17:47:38
Problem is when the flat cap came in a lot of teams that may have wanted Marner don't anymore. His value plummeted. Unless your name is Mathews or Mcdavid I can't think of anyone at 11+ that gets you fair value right now.

01 Nov 2020 18:31:26
So if marner gets dealt for 2 5.5 million who are 50-60 point guys you expect both to keep that pace when 1 automatically drops to 3rd line duty. Yeah guess you forgot you can’t have 4 forwards on a line did you.

Year 1 marner gets JVR close to 30 goals
Year 2 marner gets both kadri and JVR 30
Year 3 Marner gets Tavares 47 goals
Year 4 injured marner gets Matthews 40+ goals

Every year marners linenates have career years. Then once marner isn’t with that line mate they all regress big time. So yeah marner must suck and can’t drive a line

I think some leaf fans really need to chill out. Just enjoy watching 1 vet superstar and 3 not even in their prime superstars do their thing. Non have regressed, they all keep getting better. It even took Stevie Y until he was 28 before he made believers out of redwing fans. Time
Give up on them now and you’ll regret getting 2 average guys to just save on cap. Until things change just enjoy their superstar ness.

01 Nov 2020 18:51:41
Hockeyluvr lol no! I wouldn’t do that trade either. Mattews is 4 goals short of both Kane and Toews combined last season. It’s never a good trade when you’re dealing the best player in the trade. Matthews is 10 years younger. He should be classified as ineligible for trade.

01 Nov 2020 18:55:39
I disagree about Mathews. If he wasn't injured he looked like a possible 50 goal scorer every year.

The rest you have a good point on.

01 Nov 2020 22:31:20
Noone ever, should be classified as ineligible. By saying ineligible your saying Mcdavid and Drais at 50% for Mathews is a bad trade.

01 Nov 2020 23:23:59
LeafsLife why would Edmonton ever do that trade? Makes zero sense, so yeah, I’m sticking with my statement.

02 Nov 2020 02:02:01
Why did someone give up the house for lindros? Has happened many, many times in history.

02 Nov 2020 02:02:34
I don't think edm does either nor do I believe Mathews should be traded. Not being open to discussion on everyone as a gm though is bad business.

02 Nov 2020 12:35:39
It’s Dubas’ job to ice the best team possible at all times. If a trade proposal for Matthews comes up that makes sense and unquestionably makes the Leafs a better team, Dubas absolutely has to at least consider it. It is literally his job. Failure to do so would be a major indictment against him.

No one should ever be considered “untradeable”. It would be a very closed-minded approach to doing business.

05 Nov 2020 18:51:07
Macleod he is not nearly as good as Kane and I doubt that Chicago would accept this this is lopsided for Toronto Chicago is way overpaying in this bug if I were the leafs this a great trade I would accept any day.



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