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04 Nov 2020 21:17:30
Leafs trade Marner, Andersen, Sandin
Anaheim trades Gibson, Getzlaf, Rackell, Drysdale

Marner on Zegra’s wing has got to be enticing for Anaheim. They can “spare” Drysdale. Their defense isn’t going to miss him at all.

Leafs get a top notch goalie signed through his prime to replace Andersen and an A-prospect for RHD. Getzlaf brings even more of the leadership and physical play we need. Rackell is an adequate replacement for Marner, but not really. At least he’s cheap and should be able to put up better numbers on the Leafs.

Rackell/ Matthews/ Hyman
MikheyevTavares/ Nylander
Kerfoot/ Getzlaf/ Mikheyev
Spezza/ Thornton/ Simmonds/ Barabanov

Spezza, Thornton, and Getzlaf rotate in and out of the lineup.

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04 Nov 2020 22:03:23
I love this deal
One of my fave trades I’ve seen

You explained perfectly that I for once have nothing to add

I’m typeless

Well done.

04 Nov 2020 23:26:16
Man this is great. Best thing I have seen in awhile. Usually it's at least slightly tilted in one direction (my opinion) but I can't find anything wrong with this.

05 Nov 2020 07:34:31
Having Getzlaf’s $8M contract come off the books next year would really help alleviate our cap situation too. Should allow the team to replace all of the seven or eight ufa’s they have and re-sign Hyman and offer an extension to Rielly as well.

Gibson is a great goalie and all his best years are going to be wasted in Anaheim. I would love to see him, or someone like him, on the team. I’ve seen enough of Andersen. He’s not as bad as Toskala, but has the same tendencies of letting in early and soft goals at crucial times. If Andersen folds again this year, Dubas should be issued his walking papers at the same time. Not addressing net stands out as the biggest questionable move to me this off-season. All the rest of the moves mean nothing if Andersen can’t do his job.

05 Nov 2020 12:20:31
Unfortunately the Leafs do not have an extra 2.5+M we can add. We would still have to move Kerfoot while taking no cap back. Gibson is an excellent goalie on a very good contract with term. Which makes him unlikely to be moved as they don't have anyone else up and coming really.
I think the value is good, it is just not really helping Anaheim in the future. Anderson is getting older and needs a new deal that could cost as much as Gibson does now. As you mentioned, if they can spare Drysdale, how does Sandin really help them. The only real help is Marner who eats up as much cap as Gibson and Rackell.

05 Nov 2020 15:04:37
Sandin simply replaces Drysdale in their system. They don’t miss him because for all intents and purposes, he’s been replaced. The $2.5M cap overage is easily relieved by waiving Vesey and dropping Engvall, Boyd to minors. It’s not so large it’s insurmountable.

I guess my thinking here was that Gibson is going to age out before Anaheim rebuilds. His best years will be wasted. If Anaheim wants to tank, then trading Gibson for a 30+ goalie that doesn’t need to be re-signed means they can go with the worst goalie in the league next year and tank properly. It’s best for Gibson and best for the team. Trading him now gives them maximum value. They would have a hard time trading for a player of Marner’s caliber otherwise. Trading Rackell and their Captain signals that’s the direction they are going in - TANK!

It’s a straight up tank job for them where they dump Getzlaf and Rackell, who are overpaid and past their prime, they basically make a swap of defense prospects, with our guy seemingly ahead of the curve and with just as high a ceiling as Drysdale. It’s close enough it is difficult to argue over who will be the better defensemen, and they get one of leagues top set up men for their up and coming superstar centre. Marner will kickstart Zegras career so fast people will be calling Getzlaf “Forgetzlaf” - as in the forget who he was.

It actually makes a lot of sense for both teams and the salary is close enough to make it work with a little tweaking (waive Vesey, bury a couple contracts, run short roster, etc) . It can be done.

Which actually does make this one of the better props I’ve seen in a while too.

Thank god it wasn’t another Weegar prop.

05 Nov 2020 15:27:21

Sandin helps them the same way Drysdale does - he pushed out one of the older overpriced guys already on the team *** looks directly at Fowler —> That would give them cap space and a top 4 LHD that is actually ahead of Drysdale in terms of development and has hit a high a ceiling.

I liked the prop when I threw it up. The more I think about it, the more I like it. Losing Marner for Rackell hurts. Drysdale for Sandin is a wash. Which Leaves Andersen for Gibson, which is a big upgrade for us in that position. Losing Getzlaf is a non-factor for them as he is basically a cap dump to afford Marner’s salary, which I’m sure they would much rather have right now (especially since he only costs $7M in real dollars the rest of his contract) .

There’s a lot of moving pieces to this trade, and it all makes sense. That’s what makes a good trade. Value - yes. Makes sense for both teams - yes. Salary and Cap - yes. If you can check all three of those boxes, it is in the realm of realism.

Win, win.

05 Nov 2020 18:00:54
Nice work HOCKEYLUVR. I thought you were tired? You brought your 'A-Game' today. Well done. 👍.

05 Nov 2020 18:01:27
@HL. It is a good prop. I just don't think the Ducks take it.

You almost never see a top goalie of 27 on a good contract with term moved and there is good reason for that. Slim possibility if they had a replacement, but they don't. Yes, they get Marner, but top goalies are harder to acquire than top wingers, especially when the goalie has 7 years term left.
Their 3 top defenders are in their prime at 26-29. Henrique and Silverberg are 30. (Rackell is only 27, not past his prime) .
If they were tanking and rebuilding, I could see them asking Getzlaf to waive, try and move Backes, Henrique, Silverberg, even Manson and bring in young players.

It's a good prop, I just don't see them doing it because one star winger is not usually worth a star goalie especially if it cost you an extra $4.4M on the cap to get the winger.

05 Nov 2020 23:42:01
Solid proposal.

06 Nov 2020 02:53:36
This is really lopsided in the Leafs favour.

06 Nov 2020 10:22:20
Burke’s 2nd biggest mistake was dealing his 2nd rd pick in 2011 to move up in 1st round

He picks biggs and ducks puck Gibson with that 2nd


06 Nov 2020 18:00:58
Interesting. I just posted what I thought was Dubas’ second biggest mistake on the Leafs Talk side. It involved a draft trade too. Except in the opposite direction, when Dubas traded down in 2015.



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