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07 Nov 2020 19:32:51
Leafs trade Abramov, SDA, Sandin
Flyers trade Frost, Brink

Is Sandin really going to be a future franchise player? That sounds like a lot of hyperbole to me. He’s obviously a very good prospect. But let’s face it, he is nowhere in the same class as guys like Hughes, Makar, Dahlen, Heiskenan. Those guys really are franchise players. Sandin is taking the slow road getting there and has to go through Muzzin and Rielly first. Rielly is ranked 8th overall by NHL right now. He really is a franchise defenseman. It’s going to be a number of years before Sandin will ever be Leafs franchise defenseman. If ever.

I’m not knocking on Sandin. I’m just anticipating the backlash against trading him. But he has to be included because Abramov and SDA are both good players, but don’t have near the ceiling that Frost and Brink do. If Leafs want to upgrade their prospects, they got to give to get. And since they are so strong LHD right now, it makes sense to trade one. Whether or not Philly wants Sandin is a different story. They might decide they don’t need him. They have a pretty good defense already after all.

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08 Nov 2020 13:58:52
Having LHD Cam York and RHD Ronnie Attard makes their need for Sandin very small

I can see Dubas going after Frost but SDA and Abramov don’t get him. Adding in Brink makes even more difficult, since Sandin really isn’t needed by Philly I think they pass on this deal. Solid targets both Dubas style players

On a side note Abramov is starting to heat up in the Q and SDA has made his way over seas so playing with men might help this kid. Why haven’t the leafs sent Robertson Sandin and Lilly over yet kind of confusing.

08 Nov 2020 14:18:35
SDA playin centering leaf 2018 7th rounder Seymon Kizimov and San Jose prospect Ivan Chekhovich

Love this KHL replacement players seein tonnes of prospects play who otherwise would be doing nothin. Keep lettin them play if European teams don’t mind

#develop the kids.

08 Nov 2020 21:42:24
Robertson can’t go overseas. The same rule that prevents him from playing in the AHL prevents him from playing in Europe. It’s either the CHL or NHL for him. SDA is over 20 now, so is eligible for AHL/ European league deployment. I’m guessing the rest of the guys aren’t getting loaned out because the Leafs don’t want to risk them getting injured.

Looking at how well some of the AHL guys are doing overseas really opens the eyes to just how much less competitive some of those European leagues really are. When fringe NHL’ers like Puljujarvi and Vitaly Abramov are over a point a game players in Liiga, it kinda drives home the point just how far ahead the NHL really is in terms of compete level.

08 Nov 2020 23:38:27
Good points
Still fun keepin tabs on guys in the K

I actually didn’t realize same rules apply when leagues are suspended. Thought if your league was suspended you could go anywhere. Thanks for pointing that out.

09 Nov 2020 09:45:41
You would think that. But so far as I know, no prospects under 20 that are affected by this rule have been sent overseas. I guess even though the league has been suspended doesn’t mean the rules are. They want to maintain a tight grip on their players.



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