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11 Nov 2020 19:39:41
Nylander 6.96

Neal 5.75
Bouchard ELC

Agree0 Disagree2

11 Nov 2020 21:17:11
I like the thought. Bouchard looks like he will be a very good nhl regular top 4 defenseman one day. But I have reservations, most of which I’m sure you already anticipated.

Neal is significantly older and far from anywhere as good as Nylander. With three years left and 33 years old, that contract will be a boat anchor the last year or two, if it isn’t already.

Konovalov I don’t know anything about. I just did a cursory search on HockeyDB. His numbers don’t stand out as overly impressive for the KHL. Goalies with his stats are pretty standard in that league.

Bouchard is the prize. Edmonton brought in Barrie this year and can afford to let him continue to develop at their own pace. Kudos to them for not trying to rush either Bouchard or Broberg into the league. Bouchard has all the makings of a future 1RHD, and I commend you for wanting to bring him on board. I agree that it would take a top 6 forward to get him. The issue with Bouchard though is that he is not nhl ready. Or at least, given the depth on defense the team now boasts, Bouchard is not NHL ready for the Leafs. If we trade Nylander, it needs to be for a guy that can contribute now.

Leafs are in “win-now” mode. Looking at this trade, it weakens is for this year. It basically amounts to Nylander for Neal. Not a move a team would normally make in a contending year.

You put up a lot of good thought provoking trades. They can’t all be winners, but you definitely know what you want for the team. You don’t flip-flop often and stick to your guns. I like this prop a lot, and if Leafs were not contenders, it would be a lot more appealing.

12 Nov 2020 13:24:02
Hey HL.

I hear ya. My original idea was Nylander and 2021 3rd for Neal, Bouchard, Konovalov and Benson. Thought that might be too greedy, but it is probably more even in value.

My breakdown. Neal is the lesser player, but should still put up 20G in our top six. He adds some size and experience while we save about 1.2 on the cap. Neal does not have any NMC or NTC clauses, which means he can be moved a gain or left unprotected.

Bouchard is the prize and may not be ready now, but that is part of the appeal of this trade to me. We will lose Dermott or Holl in expansion if it is not Neal. If we lose a D, we have Bouchard, Sandin, Liljegren that should all be ready next season. Who knows what is happening with Rielly in two years. With Bouchard in the mix, we have a wealth of D prospects that carry a lot of value if needed.

Konovalov has good number for playing at such a young age in the KHL. He is said to be technically sound, reads plays well, but small for todays goalie.

If Benson is added, we have a good middle six projected winger prospect who plays with a lot of energy and not afraid of physical play.

Yes, we lose some offence in Nylander (Neal will produce, but not as much), but get some much needed cap space, a future top 4 RHD and an NHL calibre goalie prospect (you never know with goalies) . Add Benson and another quality prospect in the mix. Neal's contract is also one year less than Willy's. Move Neal after two seasons and we have room to re-sign Rielly. The trade could also make Dermott movable after this season. If Dermott has a good season, consider his return part of this deal because we could only move him if a better replacement on RD (Bouchard) is in the mix.

12 Nov 2020 14:01:12
Edit. Also remember why I took out Benson and our 3rd. We don't have 3rd in this draft. lol
Didn't think it was worth us adding a 2nd or exchanging prospects, nor did I think EDM would take a 2022 3rd.
Not a perfect trade as in now talent for now talent, but we may get the better of the deal over time.

12 Nov 2020 14:29:05
I remember reading about Benson the year he was drafted. He was an analytics darling, and was expected to go first round, and it was a bit of a shocker that he fell to the second. Edmonton might have really lucked out there. His numbers in the AHL were good last year and he should make team this year. He’s got good game. I don’t know if throwing him in on this deal makes it any better or not. I can’t see Dubas dare risking weakening the team. Especially in a year when they want to contendZ. And especially not by trading one of the big four. Especially after he stood by them so steadfastly this whole time. If he did that and it blew up on him, he would look absolutely foolish.

12 Nov 2020 20:42:37
I agree with you HL. I don't think Dubas trades any of the big 4 this year. Personally, I think his foolishness was the contracts to start with. If he stands by them now and we bow out in the first round again, how foolish will he look? Kind of goes both ways. He painted himself in a corner that if we do not see serious success, he looks bad.
I don't want to see us being the Sens of the past (Alfie days) . Tons of skill put together, but ultimately couldn't get it done and by the time they started to make moves to the core, it was too late. I am by no means for trading all four, but I do think one of the two wingers moved for the right piece/ pieces, will likely make us a better overall team. Just my opinion.



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