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12 Nov 2020 21:20:34
Leafs trade Andersen, Hyman
Columbus trades Korpisalo, Savard

Andersen is a choker. I offer nothing in the way of proof but all his previous playoff choking performances.

I read a new term somewhere once, may have even been on this site, that seemed just right: The “Freddie” - those completely inexcusable goals that somehow go in at exactly the wrong time.

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12 Nov 2020 21:59:57
I think Hyman will be resigned I think he plays to big of a role on the leafs for them to move him.

12 Nov 2020 22:13:01
Is the "Freddy" a lot like the "Gardiner"? Lol.

I don't see Korpisalo as the answer. I would like to him play somewhere that doesn't have such an incredible defensive system before making a judgement.

Reminds me of the old Devil's teams. Brodeur is a Hall of Famer and well deserved but he also played in an era of low scoring with a completely un yielding system and great defensive players in front of him.

I'm going to say it now, if Freddy played in Colorado or Carolina I think he could actually win multiple series as he isn't relied on as much.

13 Nov 2020 11:26:37
I hope they keep Hyman too. It really depends on how Campbell does this year more than anything I guess. A lot is riding on Campbell’s performance this year. His play determines whether Leafs re-sign Andersen more than anything. I like to think it’s a foregone conclusion that Andersen won’t be back after next year. But that’s hard to say right now. Too many factors to consider until the season has played out.

Andersen might do a little better on a more defensive oriented team. But he would still be a choker. Doesn’t matter how good the team is in front of him. Those awkward weak soft goals from the perimeter he let's in at crucial moments of the game will forever stand out in my mind. Like when I saw Toskala let in that shot from behind the other teams net - a 200’ shot he let in - the game 5 second goal Andersen let in will forever be the defining moment of his play for me. That was probably the worst goal I’ve seen him flub yet. Unless he somehow turns into Hasek his year and redeems himself with an outstanding playoffs where he makes crucial game winning high light reel saves, I will forever remember him as the choker, and that game 5 second goal will forever be my stereotypical memory of him.

13 Nov 2020 13:18:06
Not sold on Korpisalo either. His last minute collapse in the play-in series was worse than Leafs against Boston.
I also don't think Hyman goes anywhere this season. They will look to squeeze him on a new contract likely, but he will want a NTC in return.
I think what we see now is how we start the season. If things are not looking that good, a deadline trade maybe. Otherwise, depending on if we make the playoffs and how far we get there, will determine on who moves out prior to the expansion draft. I fully expect a move or tow prior to the draft so that we don't lose a really good player for nothing.

13 Nov 2020 14:16:41
I'm not disagreeing he let's in some soft goals at bad times but when your "high powered" offence fails to score a goal I have a very hard time pinning the blame on your goalie with a 930+ sv%.

13 Nov 2020 20:06:20
The whole team can be blamed for that series loss. Some like to point the finger at Andersen, some like to point the finger at MNMT, and some like to point the finger at the coach and GM.

There’s plenty of fault to go around. Everyone deserves some criticism for the way the season ended. It is no one persons fault. They all failed in one way or another. And when you add up all the little things they did wrong, it becomes a huge mess like what we saw.



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