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15 Nov 2020 20:37:56
Leafs trade

Any team
2021 2nd

Sign chara 1 year 3 mill if that's what he's looking for. But honestly can prob get him for a lot cheaper.

Lineup next year

Hyman Matthews Marner
Mikheyev Tavares Nylander
Kerfoot Thornton Veesy
Simmonds Spezza Barbanov

Riley Brodie
Muzzin Chara
Dermott Bogosian
Lehtonen Lilygreen
Sandin Howell
Marincin Rosen

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15 Nov 2020 22:22:02
Not sure how much Chara adds to this teams construction. A lot of him playing so well in Boston is the defensive systems are worked around him a lot while he's on the ice.

Also not a big fan of paying a guy that age that much. Never know when father time brings the hammer.

15 Nov 2020 23:55:04
I like Chara too. But even I don’t like him THAT much!

Ten years ago, Chara on the team would have been a wet dream. Now he’s nothing to get excited about.

Like Thornton, Chara has become more of a figurehead than anything. Leafs already have Thornton and Spezza for that exact reason.

I was actually a little surprised when Leafs signed Thornton. I don’t know why. I didn’t want him on the team, so obviously Dubas signed him. I should have seen it coming.

16 Nov 2020 07:12:10
I once heard Tanner comes on this site, reads your suggestions and relays them to Dubas. Then he can never do anything you approve of. Lol.

Jokes aside, I had no issue with the Jumbo signing but the big difference is that salary. If Chara wants to come for league minimum then I don't see why not.

16 Nov 2020 09:46:37
If chara signs for 3 million then leafs add .875 to their cap and being 1 million over cap now this deal stranglehold’s them even more

Remember engvall is only a .125 cap hit right now since he is buried so dealing him doesn’t save the leafs 1.25 right now, other teams trading tor him get hit with his full cap but not leafs since they buried him.

Chats needs to sign for 2.125 or less to make this deal be worth anything

Other than that not a bad deal or thought. Heck just do the deal and not worry about chara then leafs can play the kids more.

16 Nov 2020 17:02:01
At this point I don’t see the point in bringing a guy like Chara in other than his leadership and how big he is but he’s slow and he’s old we have slow and old already.



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