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19 Nov 2020 14:20:15
Sorry, somehow I posted in Leafs talk.
If moving Marner, I believe we have to take back some cap. Who can really afford $11M without sending anything back.

Marner 10.93
Holl 2

Zajac 5.75
Severson 4.16
Bastian ELC
Okhotyuk ELC

NJ gets a star winger to play with their young star centres whilw moving the last year of Zajacs contract, which he waives his NTC for a chance at a cup. They get a cheap replacement for Severson for the 2nd pair in Holl, although not as good a player. Their offence is looking deadly with the addition of Marner.

Leafs clear about $3M in cap space this year and it will go up another 5.75 after this season, although we might be able to re-sign Zajac on the cheap to be 3C going forward. We now have a top 4 of Rielly, Muzzin, Brodie and Severson(good contract for 3 more years) on D. Holl is expenable with the addition of Severson. Pick up an NHL ready power RW in Bastian who also Pk's and likes a physical game. Also receive a good looking D prospect in Okhotyuk who can move the puck and likes to play a physical game.

Short term and long term good for NJ. Short term we lose Marner but long term we should be better especially with way more cap space after this season to re-sign Rielly when needed. Plus extra cap space for other moves.

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19 Nov 2020 18:50:01
I’m not against what you are suggesting. I just think that given Marner is an established star in the league and has a multi-year contract, of which only $700k is owed this year, the prospects should be better. Bastion is aging out and still hasn’t cracked a weak NJ team, and Okhutyuk is far from guaranteed. Given how much NJ would love a guy like Marner on the team setting up either Hughes or Hirschier, I think they would make a good trading partner.

By all accounts, Ty Smith is an A-prospect. Maybe if he were included along with someone like Zacha instead of Bastion. Zacha isn’t the star they were hoping for, but he is at least a proven NHL player. He’s only eight months older than Bastion, but has played 260 more games.

Marner’s contract has both good and bad to it. Bad is the huge cap hit. Good is that he is only owed $700k this year, and an average of $8M his final three years. That represents significant savings to any cash strapped team that isn’t up against the cap ceiling. I don’t think the $11M cap hit is as huge a trade deterrent as some might think. I mean, let’s face it, he is a 90+ point player after alll. At $8M in real money, he’s worth it. At $700k this year is better than getting him on his ELC.

19 Nov 2020 20:16:22
Good points HL. I understand what you are saying about better prospects, but how far can you go before NJ walks away?
Severson is going to have good value as well. I saw it as Holl for Zajac + a little as Holl is signed longer. Marner for Severson, Bastian and Okhotyuk + $3M tis year in cap and $9M next year in cap savings.
The real bones of the deal is the cap space created and what we can do with it. This year, $3M extra really helps, but it is the almost $9 created for next year. Now Hyman is easy to retain with a 1.5M raise let's say. Rielly is easy to extend in the off-season even if it cost 2-2.5 raise. Still almost $5M more than this year left after those deals.

So the real deal is Marner and Holl for Severson, 1 year of Zajac, Bastian, Okhotyuk, re-sign Hyman and Rielly comfortably plus what we can buy with the other approx. $5M in cap space. We can make trades to take on a better player with higher cap hit. We could sign a couple UFA's. If Freddie plays well, give him a 1.5 raise comfortably or chase a new goalie with Freddie's $5 plus what we now have. It is not just the prospects and Severson, it is that plus what we can now do that we couldn't before.

19 Nov 2020 22:51:08
I hope they chase another goalie. Andersen really needs to stand on his head this year to redeem himself. He was out and out bad in the regular season, and pulled his usual choking in the play-in.

Do I blame Andersen entirely for the loss this year’s play-in against Columbus? No. Same as I didn’t blame Gardiner for prior collapses. It’s too easy to single one guy out and make him the scapegoat.

I’ve just seen enough of Andersen. He’s not the guy to bring us to cup glory. His playoff record speaks for itself. I offer nothing by way of proof but all his former playoff choking performances.

20 Nov 2020 06:32:35
I think Freddy is a good enough goalie to win a cup but your logic is irrefutable. He let's in at least softy at the WORST possible time every playoffs. Just like Gardiner. Gardiner goes down as the man that cost us a cup but in reality, it wasn't him. He just makes some brain dead plays at the wrong times.

They remind me of a quarterback. Have the talent but as soon as they feel the pressure they just choke.

20 Nov 2020 13:56:20
I remember the goal that everyone blames Gardiner for as he got outmuscled on a one on one play driving the goal, but that goal was so weak and never should have gone in. Freddie can look great and then all of a sudden you are left thinking, how the */! @ did that go in? He is a very good goalie, but fair that he gets questioned for his ability to handle high pressure situations considering how many bad goals have been in elimination games at bad times.



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