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19 Nov 2020 15:51:11
Tor: 5th
Tbl: Joseph

Tor: Nylander
Njd: Foote 1st 2021 top 3 protected

I see a lot of people trading either marner or Nylander for other top players but I really think the leafs need to look at gaining future I really think Robertson is ready now and fills Nylanders spot so leafs get Foote who has great potential and would be able to let him develop in the minors and grab another pick who is probably top 10. As for the Tampa trade they need the cap space I really like Joseph he reminds me of a Hyman really hard forechecker and adds some offence for basically nothing would be a good fit on the third line

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19 Nov 2020 17:05:22
Joseph is an RFA, and only made 729K last year. That doesn't offer Tampa the kind of Cap relief they need, so I don't see a fit on that one.

I don't see a rebuilding team like NJ giving up a 1st and a prospect either. Its not what rebuilding teams do. If they want more scoring, they can sign someone cheap like Hoffman. They have the cap space if they want to use it.

19 Nov 2020 18:25:50
Joseph is buried.

I think you mean Johnson? Johnson was waived though and nobody picked him up, so I don’t think Dubas would trade anything for him now unless Tampa retained.

If you move Nylander for futures, you free up a significant amount of cap space too. That could be very valuable if it becomes necessary to acquire another top 4 RHD. We have a lot of “depth” at that position, but not a lot of top end talent. Nobody would call Holl a true top 4 RHD. He more or less qualifies by default.

19 Nov 2020 18:31:33
Even if Joseph didn’t make much last year it’s still an asset they are gaining for a player they can’t resign as for New Jersey in order to get out of a rebuild you have to add guys too Nylander fits the age of that team well and is already signed for a number of years at reasonable price guys like Hoffman are not going to sign a deal of a rebuilding team unless it’s a one year deal and a promise that he will be moved at the deadline.

19 Nov 2020 20:02:53
Both trades are reasonable value. Joseph is likely worth more than 5th, but TB has no cap room to sign him, so they take less.

Nylander trade is basically a late 1st and possible top 10 pick this year, plus $7M in cap space. That $7M could buy a lot including making room to re-sign Hyman, Rielly comfortably and have room left over. Sometimes it is the part that is not seen in the deal that has a lot of value.

19 Nov 2020 22:16:00
This is what I was thinking RLF sometimes it’s hard to explain what you are thinking.



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