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20 Nov 2020 13:49:07
In the idea I have been doing for a while in trading a big4(either Marner or Nylander) for an aging overpriced contract and picks/prospects

Nylander 6.96
Kral ELC

Helm 3.85
Rasmussen ELC
Smith ELC
2021 2nd Det
2021 2nd NYR

Detroit has a ton of expiring aging contracts end of season. This helps start there rebuild even faster as they get a proven scoring winger in the same age range as others like Larkin, Mantha, Bertuzzi etc. They also get a developing Lhd that can move the puck. They do this without losing any of their 1st round picks from last year or losing their 1st for 2021.

Leafs take on Helm's expiring overpriced contract where he is still owed $3M to Nylander's $2.5. Helm still has the wheels to play in bottom 6 and is sound defensively. Get a former 9th overall pick in an improving power forward in Rasmussen, a bottom 6 young winger who plays a physical game in Smith and 2 2nds in the upcoming draft. Also get about $3M in cap relief this year and $7M for next season allowing them more flexibility and able to re-sign guys like Hyman etc with ease.

Detroit gets the better of the deal right away as Nylander is proven. It is a gamble for the Leafs. Hoping Ras can develop into a top 6 winger and Smith can be a bottom 6 winger. It will not be known if the Leafs did well until we see what the 2 2nds become and what they do with the extra $3M in cap space this year and extra $7M next season.

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20 Nov 2020 16:55:28
Detroit can easily afford both Nylanders salary and his cap hit. It is not a burden on them. If they want him, they can have him. But they need to pay fair price. Guys like Kessel (twice), O’Rielly, B. Schenn, Duchene, for example, all brought 2x1st+. I got to think that would be the starting point for negotiations if Leafs are trying to dump him. Heck, even Kapanen brought back a 1st+B-prospect (Hollander) .

I’m basing this off precedents and without consideration for current market conditions. I see what you are getting at, but outside of a small $3M cap savings this year, we definitely take a step backwards. And no guaranteed step forward with the picks/ prospects coming back.

20 Nov 2020 19:42:55
HL. All true, but there are always extenuating circumstances. The Kapanen trade for one, we also had to give them Lindgren who may very well play in the NHL and Aberg, a cheap depth forward with NHL experience. Plus take Rodrigues, who we didn't even qualify and Warsofsky of their hands and their payroll.

Rasmussen is a former 9th overall pick and big guys typically take a little longer. Still a top 10 pick. Smith is a 2nd rounder, plus two more seconds we get and only take on cap for one season of an overpaid, but still usefull player.
Nylander and a former 5th round pick for one year of Helm, a former 9th overall, a former 2nd rounder and 2 more 2nds in this draft plus $3M in cap space for this year and $7M for 3 more years.

You wouldn't do Nylander and a 5th for a top 10 1st, 3 2nds and a bottom 6 roster player?

The 1st we got in the Kapanen deal and Hollander, we still have no idea what they will be yet anymore than we would if we got two 1sts (yet TBD how high of 1sts we can get) for Nylander that haven't been drafted yet. To me, that $7 mil in cap space is like picking up at least another 1st rounder because we now easily retain, Rielly, Hyman and can still add to the team. If keeping Nylander for instance means we ultimately lose Rielly and Hyman, I would rather move Nylander. Just my opinion.

20 Nov 2020 23:45:57
Don’t get rid of Kral just yet. He was a slow developer and now looks like a big steal.

Rasmussen will be a huge bust and if yzerman was drafting for Detroit then he wouldn’t draft this big kid. When gms start with new teams they generally berid his new team of former 1st rounders he doesn’t like and gets better players for these disliked players. This deal does that for yzerman. He’d be all over this since he missed out on being able to pick the German he wanted he now gets a more vet but young Swedish star player to help his most recent Swede draft pick. Ias a perfect trade for yzerman

For Toronto if it’s to shed cap and gain prospects then we’ll done perfect trade partner.

21 Nov 2020 00:15:24
I’d target better prospects Rasmussen is similar to Liljegren has the potential to be an nhl player but can’t seem to make the jump.

21 Nov 2020 00:28:11
I’m not sold on Rasmussen anymore. When he was drafted, I thought he was a good choice. But injuries and a lacklustre play when he was in the nhl kinda turned me off him. He’s far from a sure thing. I look at him now as maybe another Gauthier at best. But I could still be wrong. He might bounce back. He’s good speed and skates well for a guy his size. Just seems like a bit of a gamble.

21 Nov 2020 13:38:19
I understand why everyone would want to target a higher profile prospect than Ras. He did have some back trouble last year, which apparently is gone. Also, the Wings are trying to make him a centre, so he is having to try and learn that at the pro level. They have taken their time with him instead of rush him. They rushed him as a 19 year old into the Bigs and it was too early. Personally, I still think he will be a top 9 forward. Let's face it, with almost no one signed through this year, we are not getting their top prospects.

As for Smith, who gets overlooked in this deal, he is the bottom 6 presence we could use. Has some skill, but plays an in your face game and not afraid of anyone.

The two 2nds should be pretty high picks and could be moves in a deal for more help. Then of course the $7M in cap space after this season.

It may just be me, but I think Ras/ Smith, the picks and the $7M in caps space helps this team more the Nylander will if Marner is not moved.



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