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26 Dec 2020 12:41:33
Here's a little one. Reshuffle the balance

Tor: reilly, robertson

Fla: ekblad

This places a balance on the defense. We have similar age defenseman. Leafs get term in return for Florida saving a couple bucks during the C.V. salary cap fiasco.

Robertson as a toss in is a real sweetener on a sell high pinch. Imp he's trending to be a weaker nylander and that's not the type we really need.

Thats just leaves some light tinkering and using the taxi squad for leafs to be compliant

Muzzin : ekblad

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26 Dec 2020 13:20:08
This actually makes the cap more difficult adding 2 million to it now

Value is there but cap is not.

26 Dec 2020 17:15:12
That’s a good way of putting it though Hrenklin. Robertson looks like a smaller, weaker version of Nylander.

The thing about Robertson that I find most concerning is that he was born significantly premature. Hence why his brother is so big, while Nick is not. So when it comes to adding the size necessary to be effective in the NHL, he is facing an uphill battle for sure.

26 Dec 2020 17:32:57
Nylanders issue is not one of size as I see it though. It's an issue of effort. If Robertson keeps it up the way he did in that play-in round then I will say we always have a place for him.

Well put and solid suggestion, just need a way to balance cap.

26 Dec 2020 19:53:08
Here's the 1 minor caviat that could be done. There is a 2m dollar rhd that becomes instantly expendable.

Just what team would holl fit in nicely.

26 Dec 2020 20:56:40
Holl would fit in on 31 other teams nicely.

26 Dec 2020 20:59:54
That's true hrenlik. Holl isn't needed at all after this deal. Lehtonen/ Dermott/ Sandin I'm sure can play bottom pairing.

26 Dec 2020 21:09:05
Lol hockeyluvr
I forgot how ludicrous your comments could be
Thanks for the Christmas break laugh.

27 Dec 2020 10:31:55
So holl is dealt with a 4th to anyone for a 6th just to make sure his 2 million is gone

Dermott ekblad
Muzzin Brodie
Sandin lehtonen
Marincin Bognosian
Without Robertson

Rielly Brodie
Muzzin holl
Dermott lehtonen
Marincin bognosian
Sandin liljegren
With Robertson

Which do u prefer
Personally I take bottom.



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