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01 Jan 2021 23:07:01
Ok I need to get on this Columbus trade rumor of the day

To tor

To Columbus
2021 1st

Threw you all a huge big curveball
Look at it this way Columbus went out signed koivu and that Russian former 1st rounder. They dealt to get domi and still have Jenner. The fact Dubois plays both C and LW tells me torts doesn't trust him up middle as much as people believe.

Now cap in for cap out happens for 2 years which is sane as both main players in deal contract left. Problem is rielly is ufa and Dubois is RFA. That's why I threw in 3 prospects and a 1st to cover this differance.

Dubois is proven the prospects are not

Imagine getting Dubois without losing any of the big 4. Line combos become insane.

Now imagine Columbus D. They could send out a Norris candidate every shift. Insane and for a team built from back end out this deal makes sense for them. Amirov and Robertson have the skill set to be great. I could see liljegren getting a chance and striving in Columbus playing with werenski, then Jones and rielly. Freakin deadly.

Muzzin dermott Sandin
Brodie holl lehtonen and bognosian.

Not as nice but still ok

Hyman Matthews marner
Dubois Tavares nylander
Kerfoot thornton simmonds
The rest

I'll take that any day

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02 Jan 2021 01:16:06
I hate losing Reilly that's my only real qualm. If they get Reilly I think you need to keep either Sandin or Robertson. Maybe even Amirov becomes a 2nd.

02 Jan 2021 01:44:45
Can’t do that to Reilly also think they don’t need him they need offence.

02 Jan 2021 02:14:26
I feel like it's way to much. Reilly was 4th oa robertson and amirov are wingers but are our only top end forward prospects lily isn't a bust yet and to add a 2021 1st. I get you say you want to over pay, but I mean I'd rather offer what I'm willing to offer and leave it at a that lol.

02 Jan 2021 13:40:27
Columbus says no to crappy offers

Either u want him or u don’t pretty simple.

02 Jan 2021 13:50:59
Buchnevich, deangelo, Howden, Robertson 2021 2nd 2023 3rd

Dubois Savard (retaining 2 million)

That’s the competition.

02 Jan 2021 14:51:20
That's an big overpay imo. Rielly is a top 20-25 D-man in the League and just entering his prime on the same contract as Dubois. Basically it is Rielly and (4) 1sts picked of 15-31 pick value. I am not even sure I would do Rielly for Dubois straight up. If we were loaded on D and needed a guy like Dubois then I would look at Rielly for him, but I still wouldn't be adding the rest. This is like a package for a top tier guy imo. Maybe Dubois is better than I think, but I don't have him up there with Matthews, McKinnon etc.
If this is what it takes to get him, let others overpay, they can have him.

02 Jan 2021 19:58:25
In my opinion with Dubois it’s go big or go gone. They aren’t a dumb managed team. I mean they got Jones for johanson so don’t expect stealing him. My point with him in all these deals and comments is they want money for money deal. Nylander and marner make too much and for some are worth more than Dubois. Kerfoot and Mikheyev are perfect money wise but suck compared to Dubois skill wise so you must hand over your farm. Rielly is perfect comparable to that johanson deal but the 4 year age differance and only 2 years guaranteed with him means leafs add but how much.

Best to let another team get him if you don’t have the true motivation to get him. It’s go big or go home.

Question becomes is Dubois worth this much debating lol.



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