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02 Jan 2021 20:32:33
Just my opinion, but this is a more than fair deal for Dubois; taking into account contracts (money and term), age, skill etc.

Marner 10.89
Mikheyev 1.65

Dubois 5
Nyquist 5.5
Texier .9

CLB gets a pure point producer in Marner who can kill penalties as well and has more term than Dubois. They move Nyquist and his 5.5 cap hit and also get Mikheyev who is very cost controlled for the next 2 seasons. Money wise, CLB saves almost $7M in real money this year and next year it will cost about the same as before the trade would have.

Leafs get Dubois who plays more a style they need, but have to also take Nyquist and his 3 remaining years at 5.5. He will fill Mikheyev's spot for this season. Dubois starts on the wing, but becomes the heir apparent to Tavares #2 centre job when Tavares slows down and can go to the wing to finish out his time here. Texier should be a cost controlled bottom 6er for the Leafs going forward.

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02 Jan 2021 22:39:56
Nice I think you did it

Now if only Columbus gm was reading lol.

02 Jan 2021 22:59:46
Probably most fair deal for all sides you can get. Don't really want nyquist but that's the price you pay. Good prop.

03 Jan 2021 00:20:53
Nylander and kerfoot for nyqvist and Dubois might work as well.

03 Jan 2021 04:23:12
If we taking nyquist I think I would rather move Marner though.

03 Jan 2021 07:32:25
Accidentally hit send.

Nylander salary just doesn't make up taking back that 5.5 for so long to me.

03 Jan 2021 11:42:15
That’s why kerfoot 3.5 is thrown in

10.4 vs 10.5

Marner deal is
12.55 vs 11.4 with Columbus needing to replace a roster spot after deal.

03 Jan 2021 14:49:29
@Craigger. C'mon man, you must have some contacts to get Kekalainen to read this. lol I like your trade idea as well. Seems fair to me. And in this case, CLB gets two guys who can play centre to off-set the loss of Dubois.

@LL. Yea, moving forward, if we can get Seattle to take Nyquist, then we have freed up about 6.5M and still have Dubois and Texier. Whereas the Nylander deal frees up about $1M less if we get Seattle to take Nyquist, but we only have Dubois left and have to replace Kerfoot at 3C going forward. And I would agree that Nylander is worth his contract more than Marner is so far.
That said, from a Leafs standpoint, I am not sure which proposal is better actually. In mine, we move the $10.89 handed out to Marner, but in Craiggers we move Nylander who is slightly below Marner as an overall player (IMO) and also the $3.5 for Kerfoot where we could probably get a 3C cheaper than that. It's a tough call, but I would be good with either.

03 Jan 2021 18:45:01
@RLF more in my thought process is if Kerfoot needs to be moved it's a lot easier. If he's exposed seattle may even take him if need be.

Saving that extra bit of cap could be huge in resigning Reilly, Hyman and Mikheyev/ Dermott very soon depending on who stays.

04 Jan 2021 03:36:10

2021 1st.

04 Jan 2021 16:39:46
@Rusty. Remove Rielly and that would have to be tempting for both teams. Matthews for Jones, Dubois, 1st. Total cap hit would even be close. Still don't think Matthews goes, but it would get the Leafs attention when you think about what the lineup would be.



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