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07 Jan 2021 19:42:57
Tor: kerfoot, abramov 2021 2nd
Col: kadri 2 million retained

Admit defeat and get the best 3c in the league back

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08 Jan 2021 04:02:52
Would love to get Kadri back. never should have belt regardless of what happened in the playoffs. But he was made the scapegoat as to why this team lost yet again instead of pointing the fingers in the right direction.

08 Jan 2021 05:13:24
Kadri, two playoffs in a row F***ed up. We can't really deny that.

As much as I would have just kept Kadri (my hatred for Barrie's I'm play is well documented) but bringing him back with them retaining half won't happen. Sakic didn't want Barrie and Kerfoot. When Dubas called he laughed to himself in his office. No chance.

I also don't think you can bring back Kadri as much as I would like too. That is admitting complete defeat for Dubas.

Like I said from the time the trade was made, are Kadri+Gardiner better than Barrie+Kerfoot? I think so. But, it cannot be undone. Every GM makes bad decisions sometimes. Even the best ones. We all just have to move on.

08 Jan 2021 09:11:03
I will also add, I don't think removing Kadri and Gardiner was as cut and dry as Dubas thought it would be. Anyone here who has ever been a part of a team as in; Military, sports, etc. Will completely understand you do not remove two vocal leaders with zero consequences. This seems to be one part of the game that Dubas lacks understanding of as far as I can tell.

If, by chance, Reilly were to be allowed to walk, it would be a disaster. The problem isn't his production or his replacement. It's that from everything I have ever read, the most vocal players on that bench and in that room are Reilly and Muzzin. You can't bring in one and done guys like Thornton to replace someone that spent 10 years with a franchise. This isn't NHL 21. It's real life.

Leadership isn't a measurable stat. It's a real thing that some people possess and some people grow into.

As far as I can tell the issue last year was that Dubas got rid of two of the guys that were around from the s*** days. They have seen it all. now he realized he is in trouble and had the same reaction as @Randy. "S*** let's bring someone in". It doesn't work like that and he won't get a do over from Sakic. He was a great player and he's a great GM.

If this trade happens I will be overjoyed. I just don't see it.

08 Jan 2021 13:35:51
Have to agree with the others. Originally Colorado traded Barrie and Kerfoot while retaining 50% on Barrie for Naz and a 3rd. Gives an idea of how much value they put on Naz as they would rather have Naz and retain on Barrie than re-sign Kerfoot.
Naz is also coming off a really good season for them and a great playoff of 18 pts in 15 games.
I think it will take a lot more than this to get Naz and doubtful they retain any salary either. He has been really good for Colorado.

08 Jan 2021 17:13:44
As much as I’d love to get kadri back in a leafs jersey he unfortunetly won’t be coming back any time soon. He is colorados 2nd line C and sometimes plays wing when they want to speed out offence and put landeskog at C.

If you want kadri back expect nylander going other way. Of course age differance would get leafs an asset along with kadri but the gap between differsnce between nylander and kerfoot is too much and kerfoot simply isn’t wanted by sakic. After the big 4 I’d think Mikhayev and Hyman would be wanted before kerfoot. Even those 2 wouldn’t get the needle rolling on this deal

Think nylander and go from there.



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