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09 Jan 2021 21:42:04
Leafs trade Andersen, Nylander
Ottawa trades Murray, Tkachuk

The ever entertaining Brady Tkachuk would provide more than enough antics to keep Leafs Nation entertained at all times. His 303 hits last year would have accounted for a whopping 27.5% of total hits on the Leafs should he have played here last year.

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10 Jan 2021 04:57:23
You won't pry Tkachuk from their cold dead hands.

One thing I think people don't realize. Muzzin hit way more in LA than he does here. It isn't all age. It's because of the system.

Sorry HL. You usually have some good trades here but this is not one.

Nylander one for one probably wouldn't happen. Throw in a rental in Freddy for a goalie they just signed after trading for. It just isn't plausible.

10 Jan 2021 08:28:21
Tkachuk is entertaining. No doubt about that. He would be Toronto’s version of Tom Wilson if we were able to acquire him.

Too bad he’s practically the face of the Ottawa franchise right now. Very possibly their next Captain. Though I would suspect they should give that role to Chabot.

10 Jan 2021 10:03:18
I would bet money it's actually Tkachuk. Chabot is a great player but Tkachuk is more marketable. For a team that only sells out when the leafs/ Habs come to town I see that as a selling point.

10 Jan 2021 13:40:44
Dubas loves Matt Murray but looking at the analytics of Murray the past few years I think he has seen his regression. We all know dubas was in on Murray until he found out his term and length. Then he decided no way.

Due to him not getting him then I don’t see him ever going after him. He made up his mind then and when have we ever seen him admit fault. He sticks to his decisions and never looks back.

Tkachuk for nylander is closer than people think. Skill wise nylander wins but odviously the rest tkachuk wins. If nylander ever decides to use his elite buff body the way Colin Murphy learned how to then and only then will we all ever respect nylander. So Ottawa I can’t see dealing tkachuk. In fact unless tkachuk has a difficult negotiation next summer I think he becomes the next Alfredsson in this city. Grit plus skill wins Ottawa fans over more than skill alone
Example Martin havlet (horrible spelling I think) had nylander skill but fans never liked him vs the alfredsson hossa and even Chris neils of the team.

Sorry this deal is a no go for Ottawa I’d have to think.

10 Jan 2021 16:29:10
Sorry meant Connor Murphy not Colin lol

Funny how summer of 2019 William nylander looked like a big boned but average toned not so fit guy. His brother looked like a talker but super skinny boned unfit guy (skinny fat) . They both have enough talent (William more than Alex) to get by at the nhl level but both showed off their unconditioned fitness (especially William ) always
out of breath after every shift lookin like vomit may come on at any moment.

Fast forward march-July break and watching Chicago playoff games Alex all of a sudden had more energy and seemed in better fitness. I really didn’t take to much from it afterall it’s only 3 months.

Then fast forward august-present. All of a sudden both nylanders are taking off their shirts in pics and showing off their skin. Yes William has always loved the camera but never ever with his shirt off. Always in fashionable clothing but never half naked. What changed. Oh yeah he has a buff body now. Also judging from his last few intrasquad games and practices he doesn’t look winded. In fact he was always laughing and looked full of energy on bench instead of his typical head down ready to puke fashion we were used to.

Now I’m no genius and all of my stories are fact based only on my experiences in the business. However, isn’t it coincidental that Alex got dealt and now plays on the team with one of the most fit and buff dudes in the game. Much like Murphy, Alex started his career highly touted for his skill but lacked the fitness. Murphy changed his attitude and became a huge workout freak summer of 2015 after 2 miserable years in Arizona. Next 2 years he improved but not enough for Arizona to keep him. Then moving to Chicago and joining an elite bodybuilding gym his body and nhl playing and stats improved huge and he transformed his game into a top 4 dman when not injured due to his workouts (weird how that happens)

Now again I don’t know but judging from basically 8 months off I wouldn’t be surprised if Chicago and or Alex asked Colin to help Alex get in shape. Then before playoffs start William sees Alex progression after just 3 months and is impressed. Then once Chicago is eliminated William asks his brother and Colin to join him at his Florida mansion. From their a rec room is transformed into a body builders dream gym. The nylanders with Murphy’s help transform their bodies. Murphy after a month goes back to his condo in Chicago and back to his gym to train and get back in his routine while the nylanders continue their training based on Murphy’s strict schedule.

Now 5 months later both nylanders are buff and showing off their bodies every chance they get. William simply looks bigger than Alex because he was bigger boned and in that sweet age spot to be a bodybuilder that his body transformed a bit quicker than Alex.

Now I’m not a guy who works out much. During my teens I ran 70-90 KMs a week while lifting weights for wrist arms biceps triceps shoulders as I double sported in hockey and cross country/ mud distance track thus never wanted to get too big upper body but needed strength for hockey still.

Once my hockey ended at 16/ 17 due to concussions and to focus on running I only worked out what coach told me to do

Once my running came to end at 20 due to injuries I stopped everything only to work out a few times a month or when I binge work out every few years when getting close to weight I can’t stand

That’s my workout background so I’m no expert.

Hockeyluvr if u r still reading this long response maybe you can answer

Can William get this buff in 5 months?
Also due to me not knowing anything about Murphy and the nylanders true offseason can u see my hunch to be close?

Thanks for reading if anyone stayed with this.

11 Jan 2021 02:26:12
Yes. He can.

But he would have to be working his ass off for it. And I mean really busting his balls. All day. Every day.

Go into HockeyDB and click on Nylander’s picture. It will show you his profile picture every year since he entered the NHL. Once you get over the fits of laughter seeing him in bright pink lipstick and makeup and just focus on the pictures themselves, it’s easy to see what you are talking about. The difference between his first year and his current picture is startling.

So the question is, do you think Nylander has the work ethic to do this on his own?

I’ve never used steroids. I never needed them. But I have seen the results. And it is breathtaking at the gains these guys can make.

I liked the way you used your history to paint a picture, so I will do the same.

At 18, upon entering university, I was already the same height and weight I am now. My bench press was 225x12, and I too was running regularly. I lifted weights twice a day, every day. I almost never took a day off. Ever. Conventional wisdom says you should take one day off a week at least. I took maybe one day off a month. I ran 10K 3-5 times a week. By this time I was also participating in multiple sports, including swimming, soccer, and ball hockey (I haven’t played anything resembling real hockey since before high school) . I even tried playing volleyball. That was a real laugh.

Between lifting weights and playing sports, I averaged about 6 hours a day of pure exercise throughout university. I went from 185lbs to 195lbs my first year. My body fat also dropped, so I actually gained more than just ten pounds muscle.

Second year my body weight hit over 200lbs. By the time I was done university I was 220lbs, benching 315x8, running 10k in 50 minutes and could swim 50 laps in an Olympic sized pool in less than an hour. My body fat was an astonishing 4%. I was making better gains than the guys using steroids.

After university I didn’t have the opportunity to play organized sports. There just wasn’t really anything available. So I focused on lifting weights and running. My weight and strength stabilized until I was about 30 and had kids. Then I didn’t have the time to do as much. I was basically just lifting weights at this point. My body weight dipped to 185lbs, where it has been pretty much stable ever since. But my body fat and strength fluctuated. I’ll get to that in a moment.

After I separated, I went back to my pre-marriage routine of killing myself every day. I was working out my frustrations and anger by pounding the weights twice a day every day. I started playing ball hockey on my own again. Running drills and sprints. And firing the ball at the wall for hours and hours on end. IN LESS THAN SIX MONTHS after the divorce I was bench pressing 275x8 and had a 2.8% body fat. I was 33 years old.

I was able to maintain that conditioning until into my early 40’s. Then it was a slow and gradual decline until the point I am now. I’m still 185lbs. But my body fat has crept up to just over 10%, and my bench press is something I don’t care to brag about. I’m in good shape for a guy my age. Actually, I’m in good shape for a guy any age. But far, far away from where I was for the vast majority of my adult life.

Diet is a big thing too. I used to drink 4-6 protein shakes a day. I ate only twice a day. In the morning I had bran flakes and fruit, and for dinner I ate boiled chicken breast and vegetables. In between meals and even overnight I drank protein shakes mixed with milk or water.

So yes. Nylander can make significant gains in a short time. Even coming off his already elite fitness level. But it would take an extremely high level of dedication to his development.

So again, you need to ask yourself if Nylander has it in him to commit to such a high level of dedication.

Because the vast majority of people, including professional athletes, do not. The temptation to take the easy way out tends to be irresistible to those who have the access and money.

Sorry for the late response Craigger. I just woke up.

And I almost always read everyone’s entire post, no matter how long winded.

11 Jan 2021 06:09:26
Good read @HL.

I can say I have a few friends that have used different types of steroids for many years now. The gains these guys see are insane.

I can also reference this though with the fact that my cousin plays football for team Canada under 18. He put on 21 lbs of muscle in 11 months.

I wouldn't doubt if over half of all professional athletes are using some for of PED but I doubt Nylander would be one. Does he really strike you as a guy that wants to look like some of the old body builders do now? Lol.

11 Jan 2021 11:35:18
The memories of a man in old age, are the deeds of a man in his prime.

Thanks LL

I enjoyed sharing that.

Reminded me of good times long ago.

11 Jan 2021 13:21:08
That was a great read

Thank you for answering

Knew you’d be more equipped to answer this than I was.

Connar Murphy is a great story. If he has anything to do with Williams transformation I wouldn’t be surprised. Just lined up perfectly to happen. Again, I have no clue just if it in fact did happen just a mere observation

Thanks again.

11 Jan 2021 13:38:16
Good read HL. Admire the dedication.

12 Jan 2021 03:37:54
No one answered the question. Lol

Does anyone think Nylander has the dedication to do this on his own?

12 Jan 2021 10:11:43
If the results where there in first month or so then yes nylander can have the dedication to get ripped when it comes to his body

Hockey on the other hand and being dedicated to hit and play defence then no he has no dedication on that end.

12 Jan 2021 12:46:47
I love that answer.

He seems to be floating by on natural talent for hockey and is more dedicated to his bodybuilding efforts and photographs.

Alexander Daigle 2.0.

12 Jan 2021 13:24:31
Lol. Daigle is probably going a little far. lol

As for Nylander. A good indication was how poorly prepared he was after his holdout. He skated like a guy who hadn't skated in months. The one thing he could have done was prepare physically and also by skating often. He was horrible when he first came back and played like a guy who had put very little into his preparation to actually play hockey.

He will never play physically. He may be physically prepared, as he was embarrassed after his lockout. Does that motivation last his whole career? I wouldn't bet on it.



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