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09 Jan 2021 21:48:08
Leafs trade Reilly
Rangers trade Fox, Gauthier

Seems that Rangers are planning on running a top line of DeAngelo/ Trouba. I have a feeling they would much rather have a true leftie in that spot.

I think it would be rather nice to have another big body with the last name Gauthier back on the team. I was rather fond of the last one. A casual fan might not even notice that they aren’t the same person.

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10 Jan 2021 04:54:43
I was a fan of the goat as well. Your not the only one.

He hit more than he was given credit for, he played well defencively and he chipped in 15-20 points. What more do you want?

I like the trade rid the Rangers think they can win it all very soon. They might.

10 Jan 2021 08:26:16
Anyone who doesn’t think Rangers are going to be perennial Stanley Cup favourites for many years is misguided in their evaluation of that team.

10 Jan 2021 10:02:12
I agree they will be. I have the sens and Rangers as favorites for many years. I'm just not sure if they see themselves that way or if they want one year to figure it all out.

As a leafs fan, I suggest they go for it now though.

10 Jan 2021 11:42:11
They will trade away youth for experience at deadlines then sign overpriced vets coming out of their prime years or after a breakout year only to bury their prospects

It’s the rangers way for last 25 I’ve seen them doing business.

10 Jan 2021 13:30:09
I’m sure dubas would love to have another harvard standout to make the leafs a even more intellectual team off the ice and rielly might get this deal done

Julian gauthier being a big winger probably gets a better shot on a Keefe run team than Fredrick gauthier got as a big center. Keefe loves big wingers and 2 way skating/ I high iq center man. Keefe has been like this since running and owning pembrook. Same reason why Thornton is a winger now not center man, if barabanov can win draws expect spezza to be a winger very soon as well.

I don’t know if I’d ever dare do this deal but it’s definetly
something to think about long and hard

So good suggestion.

11 Jan 2021 03:08:19
I agree. In an effort to win sooner, rather than later, they will go all in and gut the system and stuff the roster. Selling from the future is never a smart idea. But it’s something that is irresistible to the brain trust that has limited time and under pressure to succeed right away. Most gm’s Only get 3-5 years.

Who cares if the next guy is stuck cleaning up your mess after?

I’m pretty sure that’s how most of them feel.

11 Jan 2021 06:06:51
I don't think it is a bad does if I understand your point correctly HL.

Had Dubas sold the system when Marner and Nylander were putting up 60+ points and Mathews was still in the running for 50 goals it's not inconceivable they make a cup run.

11 Jan 2021 14:25:29
Agreed LL. I do not beleve the concept is a bad one to go for it while young stars are on their ELC. This formula has been proven effective. Of course, it is more doable when you have other pieces already in place like Chicago and Pit had years ago (Crosby's first cup) . Look back at we we had. Bozak, Kessel, JVR, a bad defence core. It would have taken a bunch of maneuvering because Dubas wouldn't sign anyone to a bridge deal.



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