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23 Jan 2021 02:17:34
Tor - Matthews
Clb - Dubois, Jones, Elvis

Columbus builds around Matthews and werenski. Toronto get center replacement, elite right handed d, Freddy replacement next year.


Tor - Matthews, Sandin, Amirov, 2021 1st
Edm - McDavid

If Edmonton is still terrible this year McDavid might want out and Edmonton would want a franchise center back for him. There's only a handful of those in the league and Matthews is one of them. Leafs trade 2 or their 3 to prospects to even value.

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23 Jan 2021 04:22:55
You know, I'm not so sure 2 past first round picks+ a first is the difference between Mcdavid and Mathews. Mcdavid is still the better player but not by as much as some believe. Mcdavid does play well without the puck at all and Mathews is improving in this are every year.

I wouldn't make this trade.

23 Jan 2021 05:30:06
I beat you to the cbj trade lol.

23 Jan 2021 09:21:02
Great minds think alike lol.

23 Jan 2021 14:28:21
Columbus would need Andersen thrown into this deal

I’m on board with this

Dubois isn’t as talented or even close in talent to Matthews but is still probably top 5 in league when discussing top 2C in league as JT is #1C once Matthews is gone.

Kadri, draisaitl, Malkin, Hayes, point are top 2C in league off top of my head.

Jones gives Toronto a deadly top 4. I mean maybe best top 4. Moving holl into bottom pair with any of leafs remaining Dmen makes the bottom pair one of best in league so in theory leads would have the best d Corp in the league.

So losing a top 5 of layer in league to gain the best D and a top 5 2C in league to me makes this team overall better.

They will figure out their goalie situation at expansion but until then run a solid tandem where both goalies play equal

Columbus will hear tunnes of offers for Dubois. However, no offer comes close to this one. I mean outside mcdavid draisaitl Crosby ovechkin mackinnon and PKane I’d say Matthews is just as untouchable if not due to his age he might be #2 on this list. So if Columbus somehow has a chance to get him you bet they’d listen.
Yes Jones is a huge loss for this d core but it’s Matthews. Torts plays such a system that as losing Jones hurts he will somehow manage.
Andersen goes with Matthews as Columbus does still need a goalie tandem.
It also helps Andersen and Matthews are bffs and Matthews and werenski are huge bros so all parties remain happy.

As for Jones, he is very close with Boyd from his us program days as a 15 year old Boyd really stepped up and made Jones not feel so young to other players. Petan did the same with Jones with Portland. Both Jones and bjorkrand spoke highly of petan showing the young lads the ropes and made them feel less homesick then they could of been.

If somehow leafs could grab bjorkrand (Jones BFF) in this deal would be huge bonus. My suggestion is

Matthews Andersen Mikheyev engvall
Dubois bjorkrand Jones Elvis

That’s like close to the epic Dougie deal but with way more talent going both ways lol probably a huge stretch

So your deal with Columbus is perfect as long as Andersen is sent with Matthews. Much more realistic than my counter

Good job.

23 Jan 2021 14:53:53
Nylander kerfoot vesey rielly Sandin liljegren 2021 and 2022 1st



Lol screw giving up Matthews. Let’s have 3 awesome centres instead. It would never happen but just in general would this offer be close?

They get 3 forwards for 1 million less than 1 forward. Now draisaitl runs with nylander instead of mcdavid. Yes it’s a downgrade but draisaitl is much like when one of Malkin or Crosby get hurt. Both step up their game big time. Draisaitl is same. When he knows he doesn’t have mcdavid for some reason he turns into a even bigger beast. Nylander with draisaitl will be more dangerous than he is with Tavares.

Kerfoot and vesey add real depth this oiler team lacks. Yes kerfoot vesey and nylander probably only get 125 points which is mcdavid production alone but it’s spread 3 ways thus more actual offence may come out of these 3

Rielly adds to a solid defence and put him on this team now you add 50-70 points from back end. Rielly with Larsson and nurse with Barrie is a solid 4. They still have bear and Jones now as bottom pair then when ekbolm comes back holy crap

Throw in 2 D prospects to add to Bouchard and phillipB (forget his last name right now ) plus those 1st rounders and I think Edmonton thinks

Just imagine
Mcdavid Matthews Simmonds
Hyman Tavares Marner
Mikhayev Engvall Anderson
Brooks spezza barabanov

Muzzin Brodie
Dermott holl
Lehtonen bogosion

Thornton Robertson LTIR
Boyd, petan, malgin marincin taxi squad

Wow after writing this out I can see just how bad the depth gets depleted. That D is pretty weak just by taking away rielly. The 3rd line is ok I mean I like it but it has no offence but I think could be a big quick defensive line so not bad. Look at that taxi squad. You lose having Sandin and Lehtonen as extra d options and now Lehtonen must play full time and Marincin is the emergency call up ouch.
Glad petan and malgin join this squad.

If any of the new big 4 get hurt their is no depth to replace them like having a kerfoot slide in for a few games. If the d gets hurt their is absolutely no one.

So is a mcdavid for multiple players and the future worth it

I say he’ll yeah get we done


Sorry had to do all that.

23 Jan 2021 16:59:38
Holy crap these deals with Edmonton are tough

I can’t add rielly or simply need to not include kerfoot and vesey

I forgot about Edmonton’s cap. Yes I saved them 1 million in forwards but then gained 5 on rielly.

Edmonton can only send down yakomoto as every one else needs to clear waivers. Then you’d need to send down 2 D men whom are waiver exempt. Between those 3 guys only 2.3 is saved this making this deal still 1.7 short. Oops guess you’d have to retain on rielky a bit lol




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