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23 Jan 2021 14:42:41
Tor gets
McJesus C
Kassian RW

Oilers get
Marner RW
Nylander C/RW
Sandin D
Liljigren D
Toronto's 1st round pick 2021 & 2022

Toronto's forward lines
Extras: Boyd, Spezza & Barabanov

Toronto's defensive lines
Extras: Bogosain & Rosen

Toronto's Goalies
Andersen Sg
Campbell Bg

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23 Jan 2021 16:47:10
I like this deal very much but unfortunetly Edmonton is so over the cap that they need to bury a capable bottom 6 player in khaira simply to save the team 1.125 million in cap. Instead it costs team .175 to bury him but only use him as emergency call up. Much like engvall he gets crappy end of deal because any contract between 1.175-1.3 are best contracts to bury as per the bury formula.
Not only that using him in a trade ends up saving Edmonton only .175 on their cap not the 1.3 he makes. Much like engvall again. I point this out so if anyone is reading this to try to remember if you deal a bury contracted player his cap savings is only that of his buried amount to team dealing player but his cap hit is full hit to team he goes to just so there is no confusion.

On top of that Edmonton needs to use klefbolm 4.1 million in LTIR just to get oilers under cap. So once klefbolm comes back if at all Edmonton is in deep trouble.

After all that my point is even if anyone likes or even agreed to this deal Toronto is handing Edmonton 17.5 in cap and only giving away 15.7 in cap so the deal is 1.8 million to much


But I do like the thought.

23 Jan 2021 21:13:17
Would have to take back some for of cap dump but I like it.

23 Jan 2021 22:01:17
I looked over oilers roster and the guys making 1.8 and above are all the depth players oilers have. Also leafs would need to take back a guy making 2.5 million so oilers can replace that player dealt and his vacant roster spot with at least a league minimum. The more the player taking that spot makes (just for example one of sandin/ liljegren .866) then the player dealt now needs to be worth 2.666. I like that final digest on that number and that is an example of the oilers are in.

I mean they could hand over RNH instead of kassian to now save a big 1 million but now leafs are over cap. Plus that probably defeats purpose of getting marner/ nylander for mcdavid.

You could get cap closer with James Neal but again leafs are still a smidge over cap still

You could go after nurse and hand over holl but mcdavid kassian nurse for nylander marner holl now is in favor of leafs. Larsson could be the guy with Holl included but trading a Larsson for any hall/ holl any way you spell it would be once again won by team dealing or receiving a hall/ holl. That leaves kris Russell. Him for holl favors oilers now so this deal now can happen. Oh wait Russell has a 15 team trade list and being from Alberta I hardly doubt leafs would be on it. Klefbolm for holl covers the cap hit but now Edmonton becomes 3.8 over cap without klefbolm LTIR so no dice. You could get Edmonton to give up bear and his 2 million but now Toronto owes one or both of amirov and Robertson. Would you do that? plus who would leafs put on waivers to add bear. Dermott vesey spezza again I mean it’s all complicated but still here’s the remake counter deal

2 1sts


So as you see no matter how you look at it marner/ nylander for mcdavid/ kassian doesn’t work. It simply doesn’t no matter how you slice it dice it maneuver bodies. It simply won’t work.

Even replacing kassian with Neal or rnh would only make it so vesey get thrown in deal

Nylander marner vesey Sandin liljegren 2 1st
Mcdavid RNH or Neal

Edmonton would laugh so hard

That’s it folks it was long it was pointless but unless you deal only nylander along with kerfoot vesey Sandin liljegren 2 1st and probably 1 of Robertson or amirov

Marner with vesey and Sandin liljegren 1 of Robertson or amirov and 2 1sts

I don’t see mcdavid coming to Toronto unless you start with Matthews




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