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08 Mar 2021 15:33:21
So Calgary would like a RW who shoots right to play in the top 6 and obviously move Bennett.

Nylander 6.96

Backlund 5.35 ($1M retained and has to waive NTC)
Bennett 2.55
2021 1st

Cap is pretty equal.

Calgary gets a top 6 RW that shoots right without disrupting their other top 5 forwards. They retain on Backlund as he is overpaid and still has 3 more years on his contract.

Leafs get a good defensive 3rd line centre in Backlund who can play wing, they can try Bennett with Tavares and Backlund until Simmonds is back. They get some retention on Backlund and a 1st to make up value.

Leafs then trade

Kerfoot 3.5

Trenin .725
2021 3rd

Leafs save $2.8 in cap space

Leafs pick up some depth and another pick. This is mostly a cap dump move and to make more room for the cheaper players we already have to move into Kerfoot's spot.

Backlund will play 2RW until Simmonds is healthy and Engvall 3C.

When healthy

Thornton Matthews Marner
Bennett Tavares Simmonds
Mikheyev Backlund Hyman
Engvall Spezza (Vesey,Barabanov, Trenin, Boyd etc)

Let Seattle take Backlund and we will have about $7M in extra cap space next season and Engvall can go back to 3C.

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08 Mar 2021 18:17:05
I like the idea but will Seattle take Backlund? I imagine they look at it as a contract they probably don't want compared to Dermott.

Backlund is definitely over paid right now. He's 31 so will continue to decline and sits at 4 goals 12 points in 25 games this far. I don't think I do this unless they retain half which I can't see.

08 Mar 2021 19:20:17
You might have to entice Seattle a little to take him, but they still have to reach the cap floor, so contracts like Backlund will be needed for them. At $4.35, that helps them get a solid player and get closer to the floor.

08 Mar 2021 20:59:01
Calgary can have Nylander but Calgary has to give me both Bennett and Lindholm and Calgary needs to eat 3 million otherwise no deal.

08 Mar 2021 21:09:03
My whole thing is say it costs a 2nd to take Backlund. You then traded Nylander+2nd for Bennett+1st

Just seems to me like you can get better value from Nylander. Regardless of what every Toronto fan thinks, Nylander has significant trade value. His real money is not high right now, his contract is reasonable and he produces.

08 Mar 2021 21:39:40
i'd rather have Mangiapane instead of Backlund. then send kerfoot plus whatever else to Jackets for Savard.

08 Mar 2021 23:35:08
I'd rather have Mangiapane or Lindholm over Backlund as well, but does anyone think Calgary actually makes that deal?

@LL. With Calgary eating $1M, I don't think they need to send a 2nd for someone just to take him. He is still a very solid defensive player. I think if a team said to Calgary, our 7th for Backlund ($1M retained) and a 2nd, Calgary turns it down.
I agree you may get a better offer for Nylander, but can you find a better fit to what we need and get a 1st with it. There aren't a lot of options out there I don't think in a flat cap.
I honestly think the Leafs won't miss a beat if Willy is moved and a guy like Bennett comes back. I think we improve. So if we also get Backlund and a 1st and are no worse off cap wise, I call it a win. I could be wrong and we get worse. That's the fun part.

09 Mar 2021 00:48:07
I would rather have Mangiapane for Petan. A trade of 1 Italian Hockey Player for another. Unless the Leafs want to create an all Ifalian Line of Petan, Spezza and Mangiapane?

09 Mar 2021 05:04:35
I agree with the thinking @RLF of a defensive minded true third line guy. My issue is and always has been, selling Nylanders value short. Other franchises sti value him extremely high.

09 Mar 2021 12:38:54
@LL. Not sure how many other teams really value Nylander that high anymore. He will require a team that needs his skillset, but has the other pieces in place or are in a complete rebuild.
Nylander is not a guy you build around and I think the longer he has played in Toronto, the more evident that has become. I think his value has dropped some from last season. Maybe we sell a bit low, and I am good with that if we get more suitable pieces and cap space if possible. But that is my thinking and I don't expect everyone to agree.

09 Mar 2021 17:18:42
Terrible deals.

09 Mar 2021 18:43:30
LOL. They all can't be beauties Torontobuds.
If we could get the value for Nylander that it is perceived that you think he is worth, or any Leaf for that matter, we would all be thrilled I am sure.
I Still can't remember you throwing out a Nylander deal yet so you can show us his real value in your opinion. Asked you more than once now to get an idea of what you think, but you seem reluctant. I will just have to assume that you feel your trade value would be ridiculed worse than you do to others and therefore won't do it. No worries. Play safe.



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