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29 Mar 2021 13:55:08
So the Predators have caught the Hawks and may not be sellers after all. Big trade for both teams for a playoff push. Nash needs scoring and the Leafs need some more grit and cap space now and moving forward.

Nylander 6.96
Kerfoot 3.5

Granlund 3.75
Kunin 2.3
Novak .925
2021 1st

Nash picks up more offence and both players are signed longer term. They improve their top 9 while only losing 1 term signed player.

Leafs have been "connected" to Granlund for a while. Dubas gets his guy (Granlund), but also gets a more physical top 9 player in Kunin. One lefty and one righty where both have played some centre at the NHL level. They also get a good offensive prospect in Novak and another 1st (mid range likely) in this draft. Leafs clear some cap space this year to add a cheap UFA vet D for the playoffs and have an extra $8M in cap space next season.

Win for both teams, now and the future.

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29 Mar 2021 17:04:52
I love this deal in every way now and off season and future

Well freakin done.

29 Mar 2021 18:14:21
So we get better for next year and the future. Tavares Matthews Marner Reilly Thornton Simmonds would love this.

29 Mar 2021 19:20:26
@Matthews. Your sarcasm is obvious, but what does Thornton and Simmonds loving next year really have to do with anything? Hard to even fathom what you are trying to get at.

Right now Kerfoot is a 4th liner at 3.5M. Nylander, although a good player, is not necessarily the best complimentary player to Matthews, Marner and Tavares.

Next year, we would have Matthews, Marner, Tavares, Kunin, Mikheyev, Engvall all signed for the top 9. We now have an extra $8M in cap space. Hyman becomes an easy re-sign and we should still have at least another $5M we didn't have (That's 7 top 9 spots) . If Simmonds wants a similar deal, why not?

There is Robertson, Amirov, Hollander, Novak, Anderson all fighting for spots. Spezza would come back as 4th line centre at League minimum again I am sure, if he hasn't got his Cup yet. Plus another 1st in the mix and prospects that can be traded for a top 6 forward if we wanted.
Hard to say we aren't better set up, unless you way overvalue Nylander, which is already known.

30 Mar 2021 09:23:45
I like it. But goldilocks and Dubas are joined at the hip so unfortunately it ain’t happening.

30 Mar 2021 12:11:20
@@RLF. You don't get it. I mentioned all those players, including Thornton and Simmonds, cause they are in Win Now, not next year mode. The point I am trying to make with any trade is does it make us better now, if not, its a slap in the face to all the current players who will only accept a better player.

30 Mar 2021 13:05:19
@Matthews. I put better "now" and the future which I believe to be true, so hard to "get" your veiled response. Especially since we would have an extra $4M to use this year to add even more if needed. I actually think Willy has played some of his best hockey lately. He looks more engaged which is great, but let's not pretend that Willy has been very impactful come playoff time and Kerfoot is on the 4th line, enough said there.

Both players are more of a playoff style player than Willy is. Willy has 4EV goals in 25 playoff games for the Leafs. Kunin had 2 in 4 games last year. Kunin is more physical, which is better suited for the playoffs. Granlund was pretty productive in the playoffs when he was with Minny, not so much with Nashville though. Both players tend to be more defensively responsible than Willy, which is necessary in the playoffs. We move out a good top 6 player and a player we are overplaying to play 4th line for two legitimate top 9 players and $4M in cap space to add other pieces like another Dman.
Can't see how Matthews, Thornton and company would be too upset about that, but maybe you are right and there will be tears shed and despair will fill the room with Willy gone.



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