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03 Apr 2021 19:48:15
Multiple unconfirmed sources say this a done deal.

Marleau, Hertl, Jones & Burns to Toronto for Andersen, Dermott, Kerfoot, Liljegren, Abruzzesse, Hutchinson Amirov,Woll & 1st, 2nd & 3rd picks in 2021 & 2022. Conditional 1st rd pick in 2023 if Leafs win a Cup, either this year or for the 2021 / 2022 season. SJ eats half of all outgoing contracts, Leafs may need to acquire LTIR to facilitate trade, Hutchinson thrown into the trade to help SJ win the draft lottery. Lol

Hyman Matthews Marner
Galchenuk Tavares Nylander
Thornton Hertl Mikheyev
Simmonds Marleau Spezza

Reilly Brodie
Muzzin Burns
Bogosian Holl

Campbell Jones

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03 Apr 2021 20:07:22
1st PP Matthews, Marner, Tavares, Nylander, Reilly

2nd PP Hertl, Thornton, Spezza, Hyman, Burns.

03 Apr 2021 20:12:08
April Fool's was 2 days ago!

03 Apr 2021 20:14:54
With SJ eating half all contracts, Leafs would save approx 500 K in cap space in the trade. Centre position and Defense would be solid, rolling the dice in net. Burns would be of the PieterAngelo or Doughty calibre type addition, with obvious offensive upside a threat everytime he steps on the ice, a fierce competitor.

03 Apr 2021 20:21:28
With Thornton here and Marleau familiar and friendly with many of the Leafs, should make for an easier transition for all 4 additions along with the comradery that exists among themselves and still exists with Thornton.

03 Apr 2021 20:42:21
This team would win at least 2 cups, if G holds up. Heryl signed for 1 mote on and Burns for 4 more. Though a declining asset a veteran @ 36, still an impact player at both ends of the ice with strong leadership qualities. Can clear the front of the net or do an end to end rush, and fill the opposing net or set up an amazing play. Undeniably he would also help on the PP.

03 Apr 2021 21:30:35
Thornton, Hertl and Burns very familar with each other on the PP unit.

03 Apr 2021 23:47:34
Just because you keep adding stuff over and over doesn’t convince anyone this would happen

Sorry to do this so let’s break it down

San Jose retaining salary total left on contracts
Hertl $.428 4.5
Marleau $121
Burns $.342 3.75 3.25 2.5 2.5
Jones $.765. 2.75 2.5. 2.25

Total $1.656. 11.0 5.75 4.75 2.5

Cap sanjose retains on cap
Hertl 2.875 2.875
Marleau .35
Burns. 4.0 4.0. 4.0. 4.0. 4.0
Jones 2.875 2.875 2.865 2.865

Total 10.1. 9.75 6.865 6.865. 4.0

What sanjose has to be taking on in salary
1.85 total salary this year
4.25 next
2.5 the following

What sanjose has to take on in cap
11 total cap thus year
6.0 Next
3.5 the following

So let’s figure differance in salary San Jose pays now vs salary after trade

So added cap total differance in next 5 years

So if u r still reading this trade actually San Jose only has a gain of 900 grand total on the cap this year.
Next year with the savings they get on cap they have a 64.5 to start year. With only 7F 3D 1G RFA contacts needing to be decided on and of those 11 only 7 would be on their current roster and of those players maybe 5 would get actual raises of 1 million but not much more. The rest probably get equal or less what they currently make.
So now 69.5 is their cap

Still reading? If so they also have 8F 2D 2G UFA players to decide on. Of those 12 players only 5 are counted against their cap now for 10.1 million leaving them with cap of 59.4. They can replace all 3 forwards internally for 2.4 million. They can also replace 1 of the goalies internally for .925 making 3.325 needed to be used to replace these players

That leaves them a cap of 63.736 and needing to sign only a goalie. Yes kerfoot is no hertl and burns 2RHD spot is getting replaced by either merkley, liljegren or Jaros but with 17.764 in space I’m sure finding 1 goalie 1 top 6 forward and 1 top 4 RD can be easily managed. Heck if they upgrade for a F and D they have 1.6 extra now to use with that original cap space to aquire them since I’ve already accounted for those roster spots they would replace.

San Jose then can start to retool their team properly with cap savings they gain even after their retaining through 2024-25. Cap wise this is a no brainer for this team

Ok now for the obvious elephant in the room
Real Money. They only pay 194 thousand extra from what they are paying currently from this deal. That’s crazy. Yes their team isn’t as good after this deal but it’s a retool who cares.

The following 4 season even after retaining they actually save 17.25 million from what they’d be paying if they don’t do deal. Yes I’m sure they’ll use that money elsewhere to replace burns at least but from the start they have the extra funds to do it.

I think for San Jose this is actually a no brainer.

6 picks and 3 prospects will go a long way in a retool

San Jose takes this and laughs the next 4 seasons as they will have the cap the money and the added prospect inventory to retool and in fact be better then what they are currently as soon as next year but at worse by 2022-23 season. Then he contenders for years and years due to this trade

WOW on San Jose end.

04 Apr 2021 02:14:48
I call this the I. Y. D. scenario. Or the In your Dreams trade.

04 Apr 2021 02:16:55
Ok so if u read my 1st response to this proposal you’d know San Jose would be stupid not to take this deal

Now for Toronto
Hertl and Burns alone upgrades this team significantly
Jones sucks but is Campbell’s backup
Marleau is just leadership as he is a 4th liner

10. 026 gained to the roster to 9.91 gone from the current roster

Leafs right now have 13F 6D 3G
Leafs after trade have 14F 6D 2G

Right now their roster is .414 over the cap but with left over LTIR they are actually .595 under cap but are accumulating no deadline cap.

Engvall would require waivers now but you’ll want to keep him on as extra roster spot. So leafs can send Brooks down save .7 on cap thus now be .286 under the cap without having to use that LTIR they banked. Thus now accumulate cap space not lots but it’s something righ
If 1 of the goalies get hurt that Finnish guy gets called upon without needing to clear waivers ever.

So this year cap and roster improvement end of this trade leafs should do this deal without hesitation

The 2021-22 season
Currently leafs have 12.675 to cover 8 roster spots. basically 1.5 avg per spot

After this trade now leafs have 8.3 to cover 7 roster spots
Basically 1.2 avg per spot

Comparing what leafs next years roster looks like now to what it looks like after the trade I still think leafs are significantly better and even having less money by 300K a player to cover roster spots the roster players dealt for the ones squired is still in leafs favor

In 2022-23 Current projections 56 million on 8 players.
After the trade projections 62.5 million on 9 players.

In 2023-24 current projections 51 million on 6 players
After the trade projections 57.5 million on 8 players

Then 2024-25 it’s 22 on 2 players vs 26 on 3

Burns From 22-23 through to 2024-25 will only decline and probably by this time even at 4 million he is 3 million over priced
Jones as bad as he is now imagine what 22-23 and 23-24
seasons. At 2.875 he’s 2.875 overpriced.

So yes leafs roster after the trade is better right now and next season

Then the following 3 season it will be worse due to the 2 boat anchor contracts you purchased to have 2 true cup runs.

I still think overall the roster players you dealt to get the roster players you received straight up still works.

You are upgrading your roster for 2 guaranteed years for very minimal cap differance in exchange for 3 years of declining boat anchor contracts thus having 3 years in which roster improvement becomes much harder creating a very quick downturn in teams performance which won’t be able to recover until 2025-26 offseason. I’d still do this deal every day if it was current roster players only being dealt

Problem however now becomes that wasn’t all to the deal.
Liljegren, Abruzzese, Amirov, Woll,3 1st, 3 2nds and 3 3rds were added into this trade

Yes San Jose retains around 37 million in the overall life of this deal and around 22 million in real money and in normal circumstances probably would take 13 prospect assets to do when you look at it on the surface

However, as I pointed out in my previous post from next year on San Jose even after retaining actually saves on both cap and salary by doing this deal then if they don’t do trade. They can actually retool quicker by doing this trade than if they stand put. Yes the remainder of this year and next may look bleak for them but by 2022-23 on they will improve and by 2025-26 if they retooled properly with the extra cap and money they had from this deal overall they should be force

Right now leafs are a top 10 team and probably the best they will get but still not cup contender. As the next 4 years go in they will slowly get worse but always being a playoff team

Right now the sharks are the 6th to 9th worse team. The next 4 years after due to the length and value of the boat anchor contracts and decline of past stars that own these contracts the future looks very bad and won’t change unless they draft wise and ride out the misery

If this deal happened
Year 1 leafs cup contender sharks top 5 draft pick
Year 2 leafs cup contender sharks top 10 draft pick
Year 3 leafs and sharks may be even by now
Year 4 leafs fight for playoffs sharks top 8
Year 5 leafs top 5 draft pick sharks cup contender

So due everything I’ve explained if propose this

Hertl for Kerfoot 2021 1st 2022 2nd
Burns for Dermott liljegren 2021 2nd 2022 1st
Marleau for Abruzzese
Jones for Anderson Hutchison

San Jose retains 50% of all outgoing contracts

Hertl is the most valued piece. Sanjose gains capable roster player and 1st to cover talent differance. San Jose gains a 2nd for retaining 2.825 in cap next year. Kerfoots extra year on contract is equal value to the cap retention for remainder of this year

Burns still has value even at his 8 million tag this year. It would take Dermott liljegren a 2021 1st to get him at this value. Throw in at half the cap leafs add 2022 1st. Problem is burns is worth 6 million next year. So since San Jose covers 4 leafs need to add 2022 3rd for the 2 million. Then his value goes to 4 million so teams break even. Then
He is worth 2 so sharks give a 3rd back. Then his final year he’s a million dollar guy at best. Sharks owe 3 million in value back so owe leafs a 2nd. So leafs 2021 1st turns to a 2021 2nd and 2023 2nd

Marleau is only worth a 6th at best even at 350K so abruzzese is more than enough

Jones at his cap hit this year would require the sharks to pay up to unload. 1st rounder bare minimum. Throw in 3 more years of him declining at that price probably 3 more 1st rounders. Now since half is getting retained those 4 1sts just turned into 4 3rds to take him. Hutchison even for 2 years is only valuable to expose him and that might be worth a 7th but that’s pushing it. Andersen becoming a ufa and being hurt anyways draws very little value and even less for a non playoff team. His cap hit to unload in this situation would be a 2nd on the leafs end. So the 2nd cancels the 2 3rds leaving sanjose owing 2 3rd round picks. The 2 3rds remaining simply takes one of the Burns 2nd round pick owing out

Leaving the deal
Kerfoot Dermott liljegren Andersen Hutchison abruzzese 2021 1st 2nd 2022 1st 2nd
Hertl burns marleau Jones

Something for both teams to really contemplate

R u still reading lol.

04 Apr 2021 07:55:40
@Craigger. my head hurts. lol. question. i thought teams could only retain on 3 players at a time. we have 4 coming over in this from san jose.

04 Apr 2021 09:06:52
@Craigger I love when you go long form. I have been on this site for almost 2 years now because eof a few people. You included. You broke that down better than I ever could.

Well done.

04 Apr 2021 13:23:18
Yeah forgot that little piece of rules thanks for reminding me Loxley and u r correct.

Easy solution marleau no retain and leafs still cap compliant.

Yeah I love breaking down cap numbers. I’m glad some enjoy while I know others see the length and move on. It’s still fun for me to do.

I do make mistakes and miss details so love when others find my hiccups.

Thanks for reading.

04 Apr 2021 15:27:26
Though I will beg to differ on Jones, think he would be better than expected.



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