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04 Jul 2021 03:06:11
Nylander, Abramov, Amirov, Muzzin, Hollowell, a 2nd rd pick in 2021, rights to Andersen & 1st rd pick in 2022 for Eichel & the 1st overall pick in 2021 NHL draft.

Reilly in a sign & trade for Tkachuk

Sign OV, Mikheyev for depth & Oleksiak as UFA's

Mikheyev Matthews Marner
Tkachuk Tavares Robertson
OV Eichel Galchenuk
Spezza Nash Simmonds

The 3 lines would be an offensive juggernaut, no team in the league not even Tampa could match. Those top 3 lines getting about 17- 18 minutes per game depending on PP & PK. Idea is a playmaker & sniper on each line, requiring at times depending on injuries, a player sometimes playing the offwing. D would be a gamble though young,talented, big & inexpensive.

Ist PP : Matthews, Tavares, Marner, OV & Power

2nd PP : Eichel,Tkachuk,Galchenuk,Robertson & Sandin or Liljegren

Power Brodie
Sandin Holl
Oleksiak Liljegren

Campbell Woll

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04 Jul 2021 03:56:00
With a 3rd club retaining half of Tkachuk contract, Leafs would save 8 million between the two trades, and another 8.5 million from Hyman not resigning, and Dermott and Kerfoots contracts picked up by Seattle or in a trade. So approx. 16.5 million saved against the cap for free agent signings. OV would eat up a good chunk of that, but still enough left over for Oleksiak and resigning Mikheyev and Galchenuk.

04 Jul 2021 14:40:26
Mikheyev is signed already
You can’t save money on not signing someone.
Hymans cap value is nothing at this moment
Signing him adds to cap not signing him saves nothing to the cap.

This defence would be the worst ever since those expansion 67 teams. Fitting I guess
Tampa has a great offence because they have good defence. Can’t score if your D can’t get u the puck.

04 Jul 2021 15:01:30
Not getting into the rest of it, but it is highly unlikely any 3rd team retains half of any players salary for a full season unless you want to pay huge (1st rounder or more) . Ie, no one is going to do the Leafs a favour and help facilitate a trade by taking on a big chunk of a players salary and cap hit for a year.

04 Jul 2021 22:02:18
@RLF teams at the deadline were taking 3rd-5th round picks to retain. Depending on how much the retention is for, I can't imagine getting screwed like Dubas did with Marleau.

The market seems to be changing right now on retention in some ways.

04 Jul 2021 23:07:43
Yes Mikheyev is already signed, so yes you are saving money not having to give him a raise.

Correction savings of 7 million from Dermott, Hyman and Kerfoot and with 8 million saved via the two trades ( absolutely for a price a third party team will eat 3.5 million of Tkachuk contract. ) so saving 15 million to sign Ovechkin and Oleksiak is very doable. As for that outlet pass Power, Sandin and Liljegren all quite capable. Who was the often injured Muzzin passing too? 2 years in a row injured in the playoffs.

Reilly has seemed to hit a ceiling and regressed in his development. Oleksiak with his size and clogging up the passing lanes, more valuable than Dermott. Power is 6'5" and supertalented give this some thought, Cale Makar or Quinn Hughes as good as they are, neither were ranked #1 in their respective draft class, and look at what they did immediately upon entering the NHL. Both those guys you would take over Reilly in a heartbeat. Always the potential a #1 could be a bust, but Power seems like the real deal. Certainly very rare for a D man or Goalie to go #1.

04 Jul 2021 23:29:48
At some point you have to give the kids a shot, Holl is a good example. Both Sandin and Liljegren 1st rd picks, do you trust your scouts and dev. or not. Getting to the point agents with young prospects, will lose that trust also. Simmonds was a wasted signing, bank on him and Muzzin to continue to miss significant time with injuries.

Prospects particularly 2nd tier are hard pressed to get a look, Connor Brown a good example barely gets a sniff in Toronto, with a real opportunity elsewhere has excelled above expectations.

Dubas and Keefe will not win anything in Toronto, they will get recognized as the straw that broke the camels back and get Shanny fired. I am big fan of that Mimico boy, also a huge Yzerman fan. Brendan needs to make those tough decisions, in his heart of hearts looking at Lou and Trotz he knows he is on the wrong path. I say all this respectfully my Gramps like Shannys Dad, both from County Cork so I root for Shanny as I did when he played. Hope that light bulb goes off, and his head and heart fall in line sooner than later. He is denying something he already knows Dubas and Keefe must go, or expect a very disappointing season and entirely new management, CEO and coach next year.

05 Jul 2021 00:16:37
Leafs actually have D depth but getting an opportunity no easy feet in Toronto, ask Justin Holl, Sandin, Liljegren, etc.

Niemela, Kivihalme, Kokkonen, Hirvonen, Hoefenmayer, Elniuk @ 6'5 ", will any of these Leaf prospects get an opportunity in Toronto. Many good F prospects also but with an abundance of veteran players by seasons end last year, you had Spezza ( a great resigning no arguement there ), Thornton, Foligno, Simmonds, Nash how much opportunity did Robertson get. Leafs need to give some of these young guys an opportunity, I recall them saying such but their modus operandi says differently. Sometimes a player like a boxer has to find their range, to do what they do well at the NHL level. Caufield is a good example, Robertson was not afforded that same opportunity. A game here or there does not cut it, each demotion to a player on a subconscious level is equated to failure. Yes too many young prospects at once has disadvatages, so too does having too many veterans. The speed of the game particularly makes it more of a young mans games, so chewing up prime years in the minors particularly for highly skilled prospects, is a disservice to that prospect and the team.

05 Jul 2021 01:00:16
Further to my point on prospects Kucherov a 2nd rd pick and Point a 3rd rd pick, on the cusp of a 2nd cup one of which without their Captain Stamkos. Kucherov and Point easily the equivalent or better, than a Marner and Matthews. How good can a Robertson, Abramov, Amirov, etc be if not afforded opportunity. Interesting baseball like hockey in Tampa, also successful with scouting and development. They also afford opportunity to lower tier prospects some of which their game is more suited to the major league level. Would Kucherov or Point if drafted in Toronto, be playing today in the NHL? If so would Point be playing in Toronto or would he have been traded to Tampa?, or lost in obscurity within the Leafs farm system? If drafted in Toronto I think Kucherov would be in the NHL, maybe even with the Leafs. Braydon Point a 3rd rd pick, I am not so sure.

05 Jul 2021 02:32:37
@LL. Yes. In a shortened season with having to cover only a small amount, 3rds and 4ths did it. Covering the while 3.5M including cap hit for a whole season is going to cost big time. imo.

05 Jul 2021 03:51:35
@RLF you may be right. What do I know about c.v., flat cap world? Zero that's what. Lol.

05 Jul 2021 12:50:57
@LL. that makes two of us. lol
Because it is a flat cap world and money is tight for many teams, covering millions on players doesn't seem to fit the financial landscape. All speculation. Not like we have any picks left to give as compensation anyway.

05 Jul 2021 13:51:22
Yes the Leafs are light on picks, but also have a # of prospects. Kraken will have capspace, as do a few other clubs.



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