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14 Jul 2021 16:18:08
Before expansion draft

Trade rights to Hyman to EDM for a 2021 4th round pick

To STL: F - A. Kerfoot

To TOR: 2022 3rd round pick

Protect Matthews, Marner, Nylander, Tavares, Rielly, Brodie, Muzzin, Holl and Campbell

Lose D - T. Dermott

Sign D - D. Hamilton to a 7 year $56M
Re-sign F - R. Nash to a 1 year $1M
Re-sign F - A. Galchenyuk to a 2 year $1.9M


To NYR: D - M. Rielly

To TOR: D - B. Schneider + 2022 1st round pick



To TOR: F - T. Bertuzzi

To DET: 2022 1st (lesser of 2 picks) + F - SDA

New line up

Robertson Matthews Marner
Galchenyuk Tavares Nylander
Bertuzzi Brooks Mikheyev
Spezza Nash Simmonds

Sandin Hamilton
Muzzin Brodie
Rosen Holl


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14 Jul 2021 20:48:08
STL trade is interesting. I like Hamilton more than some on here, but $8M until he is 36 is scary. Not sure Nash signs for as little as $1M and almost 2M per for Galchenyuk seems an overpayment.

I assume the Rielly deal is a sign and trade? If it is not a sign and trade, to quote you, And Drury is fired the next day.

Something like that for Bertuzzi I could see if all Detroit wants is picks/ prospect.

15 Jul 2021 00:18:16
@RLF most of us hate him because he's just as soft as current leafs.

15 Jul 2021 12:32:55
@LL. I know why people don't like him. My point was I don't hate him as much as some for that, but $8M per is scary especially until he is 36. Is he who I would target? No. Mostly because we do not need, nor should we try to sign an $8M dollar D-man unless a big contract upfront goes.

15 Jul 2021 13:00:09
Sorry, Galchenyuk is a 2 year deal total $1.9M, he gets the comfort of a 2 year commitment but lower AAV. Nash was coming off of a larger deal he signed years ago, he's now in that slightly above league minimum range IMO, otherwise let him walk to.

As for Rielly, the reason the package is that high is for NY, if they don't choose to re-sign him, they can also flip him at the deadline for a similar package and recoup assets. Based on deadline deals this past year, Savard fetched a 1st and 3rd, so Rielly no doubt would fetch a slightly better package.

IMO, Detroit is looking at their talent in that 26 year range to trade. They traded Mantha last year which signaled to me they want to go younger and rebuild properly.

15 Jul 2021 13:00:50
For STL, basically they upgrade from Bozak leaving. Kerfoot slots in and is cheaper than what Bozak was.

15 Jul 2021 13:48:20
@T-buds. My bad on the Gal deal. Something up to $1.2 per seems about right. I get what you are saying about Nash, maybe you're right, but I think he gets more.

As for Rielly, you have given the same logic before in regards to flipping him and getting equal assets back as given up. How do you figure?
Schneider is looking like a stud D prospect (former 19OA pick) . If the Rangers are missing the playoffs, then the team you flip him to is in the playoffs. Leaf's pick from NYR could be say 10th overall whereas the pick they get back would be say 26th. Adding a 3rd isn't moving you up from 26th to 10th overall. So Schneider and the 10thOA isn't even close to the 26thOA and a 3rd or even 2nd. The 26th pick isn't likely going to be a Schneider calibre of player and the 2nd isn't likely going to be a 10th OA player calibre.
No way the Rangers should do this unless it is a sign and trade. If they do, pull that trigger! It's a steal for us.

15 Jul 2021 17:27:22
The NYR could also put a playoff condition on the pick, that works too.

15 Jul 2021 17:28:57
Rielly is a Norris caliber Dman, pairing home with the Norris winner, Fox would be amazing for NYR. Yes, they will want to sign him, or should want to. They have all year to work on that signing.

15 Jul 2021 20:09:59
@T-buds. Now you're cookin. Putting a condition if he re-signs may get you close to that. Although they would probably rather offer Robertson over Schneider with a 1st if Rielly re-signs.
I would try for Miller with a plus if Rielly re-signs. They are strong on LD and Rielly would take the 1st pair D spot as you say. Left side they have good young talent in Miller, Lindgren, Jones, Hajek and Robertson. They could more afford to lose Miller than they can Schneider in the long run especially if they plan to re-sign Rielly.

I agree NYR is a good fit for Rielly. I said that on here myself weeks ago. See how we think alike. lol.



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