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18 Aug 2021 21:03:21
Can't argue with moving Marner over Nylander when you look at contracts and recent playoff performance. Moving Marner and his contract will be more difficult than Nylander's. I threw something like this out before and can't see another way to move Marner if you want a solid return.

Marner $10.9M
Kivihalme $.725M (my token contract balance)

Johansen $8M
Kunin $2.3M
Novak .817
2022 1st

Nashville continues their younger retool. They have the kind of cap space to take on Marner. They won't want to likely part with their high end young prospects.

Leafs get more physical with a big body to play the right side that is overpaid in Johansen, but is a good playoff performer. Kunin is a fairly physical, solid mid 6 guy and Novak is a good mid 6 prospect. The 1st is to continue to stock the shelves. Basically, Leafs get 3 players for the price of one cap wise plus a 1st rounder and improve their size and physicality.

Seems underwhelming for a talent like Marner, but his cap hit hurts his value.

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19 Aug 2021 13:21:48
If and that's a big IF, the Leafs wanted to move Marner (which they will not) the Leafs will have bids from every single NHL team. A player of that talent ANYONE would want.

The ONLY reason and ONLY reason people suggest trading him is that he is paid about $1.5MM too much.

Do I like his contract NO, but will I suck it up and have Spezza at $750K over a $3MM Komarov. That is really where that difference goes at this time.

The Leafs are not a cap messed team right now, they've added quality players to low contracts.

19 Aug 2021 14:10:17
@T-buds. I don't think they will move Marner either, but I won't argue the logic behind it. It is not just that he is overpaid by a mil or two, it is about having too much cap to too few players over too few years. Yes, a player of that talent anyone would want, but most can't afford unless they send cap back. Sorry, that is the reality. With only 4 years including this one left on his deal and then becomes a UFA, he won't be attractive to a team going into a rebuild. Top teams don't have the cap room. I want him in Toronto, but I can't argue that he is hard to afford.

I always admire your optimism on our players and the cap situation etc. Truth is though, while other teams added real "quality players", we were bargain shopping because we had no choice. When you have multiple NHL positions to fill and some are top 6, but little to no cap space to do it, so you bargain shop hoping to find a gem, is the definition of cap trouble.

19 Aug 2021 15:48:03
Its realistic, except for a 1st coming back. Taking back Johansen means you don't have to eat some of Marner's salary.

19 Aug 2021 17:19:03
@Chickenfoot. The 1st coming back is so they don't have to retain on Johansen. He still has 4 years left at $8M. Marner, even at his cap hit, is still worth more than Johansen at $8M, Kunin and Novak.

19 Aug 2021 17:52:13
@RLF: Poile is an experienced GM on a rebuilding team. He's NOT giving up a 1st. Johansen and Marner's contracts help cancel each other out. It'll take bringing back a bad contract to move Marner's.

19 Aug 2021 18:33:02
@Chickenfoot. Nashville is not rebuilding. If they were rebuilding, they would have traded guys like Ekholm, Scissons and worked hard to move out Duschene and Johansen. They also would not have re-signed the 29 year old Granlund to 4 years. They have some good young prospects, they are retooling on the go and are after younger NHL players than some of the existing aging players.
Ellis for Myers where they also pick up Cody Glass. You don't trade for 24 year old Nhlers and re-sign a 29 year old for 4 years in a rebuild. You get prospects and picks. They also resigned Saros and added Rittich who could give them a solid Goalie tandem.
They look like they expect to compete and likely try and re-sign Forsberg, who they should be trading if rebuilding. If Forsberg gets re-signed and especially Ekholm, there is no rebuild in Nashville.

19 Aug 2021 21:03:24
Not on roster not a token cap value.

20 Aug 2021 00:52:03
@jDb. A token contract balance is not the same thing as a token cap value. Kivihalme doesn't count against the cap but he does on our total contracts. A contract can be roster or non-roster. It is simply moving a contract. 3 contracts in and 2 contracts out.

21 Aug 2021 03:47:27
Haha genes the roster contract balance

Maybe I should read before reply eh

My mistake my bad

Sorry bout that

No excuses

U first person to state it as contract balance on this site. Most want it as cap value. Not an excuse I F’d up here

I’m very on fence with this deal but it’s so much better now thst I read it right.

21 Aug 2021 12:48:49
Not sure it is any better no matter how you read it. Lol. So much has to go right. Johansen has to be able to play top 6 and produce 40-50 pts. Kunin has to make Mikheyev irrelevant so he can be traded for assets. Novak has to become an actual NHLer and we have to hit on the 1st or use it to acquire an NHL player. Otherwise we lose the deal for sure.



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