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19 Aug 2021 16:18:22
Let's take another run at a Marner deal. Normally I would say a rebuilding team is not likely interested, but I can't say for sure obviously. Arz for may reasons would make sense, especially if they are priming to take a run at Matthews in 3 years.

Marner 10.9
Kivihalme .750(no value, just contract dump)

Ladd $5.5M
Crouse $1.53M
Soderstrom ELC
2022 1st (Col)
2022 2nds(Arz,SJ,NYI)

ARZ adds to their stable of young talent with Marner who is only owed .750M in salary this year. Also, with Arz having Marner, would that entice Matthews a little more to head back to the dessert when he is UFA in 3 years and join his buddy. Arz keeps their own 1st and still has (2) 2nd rounders in the 2022 draft. Assuming they sell off their pending UFA's at the TDL, they should be able to recoup much of what they traded to get Marner if not all of the picks.

Leafs take on the 2 years left of Ladd's contract for cap and financial reasons. They add a mid-bottom 6 power type forward in Crouse, a really good RD prospect in Soderstrom and assuming Colorado finishes near the top of the League, basically (4) 2nds in the 2022 draft. They open up a lot of cap space(about $4M) to add a another piece and even more in two years when Ladd's cap hit is off the books. With another 1st rounder and 3 extra 2nds, they have better trade capital as well.

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19 Aug 2021 17:46:52
Arizona is acquiring picks, not trading them. They are rebuilding. the tank is on.

Trading Marner is essential. (358 points in 355 games is NOT worth 11M. )

The only way you can move Marner is to take on a really bad contract or retain 4M/ season.

(Marner's NTC kicks in after next season, so the time to move him is SOON! )

19 Aug 2021 18:42:33
I don't disagree he is overpaid at $11M. Very few players though start their careers at a point per game in the first two seasons. in the last 3 seasons, Marner has 228 pts in 196 games or an average of 95 pts per season pro-rated. That is in the elite ppg level.

Are you trying to say in 3 years if Matthews hits the market, they aren't after him? You think he wants to go there if there are no pieces in place to have a chance to win within a couple of seasons? If they want Matthews, they need to give him a reason other than having picks and prospects. They need stars in place with those picks and prospects. Keller, Chychrun and a bunch of 20-21 year olds aren't going to do it.

19 Aug 2021 20:53:53
139pts in 114gms

What is that worth numb nuts.

19 Aug 2021 23:13:33
Marner is 100% worth a good amount of money. Retaining 4 million to move him makes it sound like a cap dump which a 100 point player is not.

Marner should be sitting at around 10 million on a 7-8 year deal or 8-9 at his current length.

Chicken foot came back to troll everyone eh? You and hotwing missed us that much?

20 Aug 2021 14:51:50
I disagree, not enough value in this deal for Marner. Ladd is negative value.

20 Aug 2021 15:26:34
RLF: the leafs have no path forward retaining the 4 big contracts that consume half their cap.

They need to trade 2 of them for D and a Goalie. They can't build balance and depth without spreading some cash around to problem areas.

This has been proven time and again, and if you don't improve the team, Matthew's is not going to re-sign in 3 seasons.

20 Aug 2021 16:17:30
@Chickenfoot. It amuses me to have someone preach to me about the Leafs lineup needing balance and how they need to do it.

20 Aug 2021 16:22:44
@T-buds. Where are you at in this scenario then?
I know Ladd is negative value, but with Ladd, we get Crouse, Soderstrom (2019 11th overall pick), a 1st and 3 2nds and $4M in cap space immediately. That isn't enough?

21 Aug 2021 00:32:03
@Chickenfoot a defenceman and a goalie for what?

Soup/ Mrazek as a tandem

Rielly Brodie
Muzzin Holl
Dermott/ Sandin/ Liljigren

Where does a defenceman/ goalie fit in?

Need a LW.

21 Aug 2021 01:07:46
Ladd is worth 2 2nds and a 3rd fir 2 yrs @5.5m so 11 million. For a guy who hasn’t played a full year since 2017-18. At best hopefully he becomes a guy to use on LTIR but since he is fine now he’s a guy who can be a 4th liner at best at that money is blah so yeah Arizona got the picks that’s his value

Crouse vs Ritchie vs kase for the 3 LW positions so not tunnes if value there

Soderstrom a Sandin from the right side. Maybe a bit better maybe not. As much a karlsson upside as liljegren was once. Sorry won’t happen but if he became a leaf we can all dream

Colorados 1st so 29-32 probably
Then 3 2nds

So marner 4 yrs@10.9 but owed 24.8 in those 4 years so what’s the negative value. Ok maybe 1.9 over cap paid but even at that 9 million hit he is getting paid on average 8.2 per year so now he is underpaid. For a non cap team that cap hit won’t matter. But the money saved matters so high value in a deal with Arizona plus he reunites with Dvorak.

4 1sts equivalent for marner (crouse, soderstrom, col1st)
2 2nds and 3rd to take Ladd

So owed is 1st 2 2nds and a 3rd

Let’s just do 1 huge swoop and take

That’s 14.2 for 3 roster forwards
That’s 10.9 for 1 roster player

So now leafs need to cut ties with kerfoot and all works out


21 Aug 2021 03:43:15
Oops forgot to put player name beside let’s take 1 huge swoop and take . insert name here…

The name if you didn’t figure out the math of the 3 roster players is Clayton Keller

So yeah sorry bout that missed name oops.

24 Aug 2021 16:42:08

You didn't complete your point. Why does it amuse you that someone dare suggest that balance and depth are important?

Is it because you see yourself as a hockey savant, or that the team's need for both under Dubas is painfully obvious?

I am GENUINELY curious as to your reply.

LEAFS LIFE: you just made my point more obvious about the need for help at D and in Goal.

25 Aug 2021 16:33:22
Because if you had bothered to read anything I have posted on a consistent basis, it is all about the Leafs needing better balance and that isn't likely to happen if we keep the big 4. I have constantly put out ideas on how to get there. So yes, when someone like yourself tries to explain to me the Leafs need balance and how to do it, I find it amusing. When people go trolling, they only thing they may catch is themselves looking foolish.

25 Aug 2021 18:04:58
RLF: I don't troll, but if you equate expressing a different opinion to yours as threatening or unpleasant, then that's on you. I also don't name-call.

I stand by what I said about depth and balance. Those are hardly trolling words, and both have been repeatedly raised as concerns under the Dubas era. I'm not breaking any news here. Nor do I reread all your posts to ensure I'm not expressing a sentiment you apparently share. If we are in agreement, then how exactly am I trolling? (That kind of logic just collapses upon itself. )

I will continue to express my opinions freely, as I would expect you and everyone else to do in a forum like this. You are clearly hyper-sensitive, but I hope you're able to enjoy sites like this in the same way I am able to.

Hang in there RLF, I hope you have a better day tomorrow. All the best to you and yours, CF.

25 Aug 2021 18:50:31
Actually LL had asked if you are back trolling well before I wrote that on this thread. So I am not the only one who takes your comments as trolling. I am not sensitive to your comments, but as you, I call it as I see it and will continue to do so. Seems you are the one hyper sensitive to be called out on possible trolling. Have a good one.

26 Aug 2021 10:54:21
I haven't and won't name call you or anyone else. Blame your words on LL or whatever, that's on you.

I see you're parroting my words about hypersensitivity and having a nice day back. Makes me feel like I'm in kindergarten again and someone just told me "I know you are but what am I? " Hillarious.

I'm going to keep my opinions to hockey, as always. You do whatever you do.

26 Aug 2021 13:49:57
You asked me if I see myself as a hockey savant and then told me I am clearly hypersensitive and my responses remind you of being back in kindergarten. But you don't and never will name call? Lol
Your posts are meant to bait, which is pretty much the definition trolling. It would be nice if you kept your opinions to hockey without all the insults.



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