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26 Aug 2021 16:04:30
Tor: marner
Car: svech

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27 Aug 2021 01:01:38
Can’t see Carolina being at all interested in Marner at $10.89 million a year when they have just signed Svechnikov for $7.75 a year for 8 years.

27 Aug 2021 01:46:02
Carolina is probably the worst trade partner for Dubas. They are the Anti-Dubas of the NHL. They would have told MNM to sit or take 7 million instead of signing them.

Don't think they ever take a big contract.

27 Aug 2021 15:46:00
@LL. And they have a more balanced team as well. Wonder how that happened? lol.

27 Aug 2021 20:11:24
@RLF who would have thought. Stand your ground on players and get better contracts lol.

28 Aug 2021 05:08:58
So montreal and Aho signed an offer sheet of 5yrs@8.46 with 38.6 million being paid in signing bonuses including a huge 11.3 then 9.7 in first 2 years. Carolina decided to match this thus having to honour that very same contract Aho signed with montreal

Marner and the leafs agreed to 6yrs@10.9 with over 60 million in signing bonuses.

So Toronto pays a premium on marner as they get 2 ufa years while Carolina only gets 1

Marner had 224pts in 241gms in 1st 3 years
Aho had 197 pts in 242gms in sane time frame
Marners best was 94 vs Aho 83

So right away a 75pt avg player vs a 66pt avg player is usually 1 million. So that puts marner at 9.46 for 5 years. Now you have to pay for an extra year of ufa.

3 yr bridge
Yr1 4.5
Yr2 6.75
Yr3. 9.0
Last RFA year
Yr4. 11.25
2 ufa years
Yr5. 13.5
Yr6. 15.75

Then leafs owed marner 4-5 million he lost in performance bonus due to helping team out 1st 3 years

Now you get 65 million

Yr 1 4
Yr2. 6.25
Yr3. 8.5
Yr4. 10.75
Yr5. 13

That’s 42.5 over 5 see contracts aren’t that far off and Carolina had nothing to do with Aho except matching

Svechnikov only had 140 pts in 205 games which landed him a 8 year 7.75 per year deal and only 4 million being paid in bonuses. Now that’s a Carolina deal.
It’s pretty on par with hishier Keller and conners deals.

It’s not Carolina it’s the league. 45-60 pt players get the 6-8 yr @7-8 million deal unless they bridge its 3@3.5-4.5 per

61-76 pt players got 8.5-10.9 on a 5-8 yr deals unless they bridged its 3@4-7 per

Mcdavid draisaitl eichel all got 10-12.5 over 8 as they should of

Matthews got 11.6 over 5. That’s the only deal that looks odd in all of this

Any star player drafted before 2014 outside of Crosby ovechkin settled for smaller contracts after their ELC deals. 6yr deals were a big item at this time netting star players 4.5-6 million per. Then age 27 year they get huge payday like Kane but are basically retired when contract is done. Mackinnon will be same. Tavares and stamkos same. All 34-35 when it’s done

The younger guys now get. chance at 2 massive contacts.

I think 2014 drafted players and beyond all went to buisness school. Boy are they making these pre 2014 drafted contracts look silly.

30 Aug 2021 17:09:08
Excellent post JdB1394. 👍.



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