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30 Aug 2021 18:53:23
Calgary Trades
2nd Round Pick 2022 (Fla's Pick)

Toronto Trades

Probably never happen but for fun I have put this proposal out there.

Calgary is getting the best player in this proposal, plus overall better depth adding a 3rd Line Centre in Kerfoot, and a probable mid of the pack Defenceman on there Defense with Dermott.

The Leafs in this proposal do a few things, it gives them 2 Top 6 forwards to fill out the Top 6, it opens the door for Liljegren to play fulltime this upcoming season, and it clears enough Cap Space to be a little more flexible if they want to add during the season.
Plus adding a 2nd Round Pick only helps for the future.

Thoughts ?

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30 Aug 2021 22:36:15
Replace Mathews with Nylander and it's closer.

The return the Sabre's want for Eichel is the kind of return Dubas would have teams fighting to give if Mathews was available.

31 Aug 2021 01:08:08
Matthews to Calgary looks like
Every top 3 picks from the last 3 years
Tkachuk Monaghan 50 retained, 2022-2025 1sts

Just because they don’t hVe any super high end picks, Monahan isn’t a #1 centre and tkachuk is good but needs a new contract soon.

31 Aug 2021 13:48:35
LL, I think Dubas would get even more for Matthews than Buf wants for Eichel.

Goal scorers always have more value, and while Eichel has popped 36 in a season, he's not a Rocket Richard Trophy kind of player, at this point anyway.

31 Aug 2021 16:23:54
@Chickenfoot last I heard the ask for Eichel is the equivalent of 4 1sts. I'm not sure how much more you get for Mathews.

I also don't think anyone pays that for Eichel right now though if it's true.

31 Aug 2021 17:18:27
That appears to be the alleged price for Eichel. I agree they won't get it, but whatever they get, Matthews would be worth more.

You never know, in a couple of years if they can't agree on an extension, or if he wants to go to market, the leafs would theoretically have a big decision to make: trade him for a truckload or take your chances on re-signing him. That would be a difficult decision.

01 Sep 2021 01:13:22
@Chickenfoot if he can't be extended they can't trade him. Worst thing Dubas did was make him untraceable as a rental.

01 Sep 2021 02:43:54
Actually, I did not realize that until you told me.

01 Sep 2021 03:08:53
The genius that Dubas is made him untraceable in his final year. So right when you can negotiate he holds all the cards.

It's one of the least talked about mistakes of Dubas' tenure.

01 Sep 2021 15:23:50
LL, that is interesting. I didn't realize.

In theory, could you not try to negotiate an extension in the summer of 2022, and if it couldn't be done, weigh a trade at that time? My thinking is if you can't extend him, I believe the haul you'd get for him could be transformative. (Especially with 2 years of term remaining. )

I'm not suggesting for a second that trading him is desirable, but the team will obviously have an interest in protecting his value as an asset, in one form or another. )

01 Sep 2021 22:38:39
Not certain but I seem to recall you can only negotiate in the final year of a contract.

02 Sep 2021 02:53:54
The haul would be transformative. No argument there. If it isn't working out and you decided to trade MNM and retain on all 3 you could end up with one of the best prospect pools ever assembled.

Problem is the negotiation.

If I'm GM and this year doesn't go well I probably move Marner or Nylander and if the team isn't looking like a contender at the TDL I do exactly that.



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