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30 Aug 2021 19:13:37
Nylander $6.96M
Engvall $1.25M

Lowry $3.25M
Copp $3.64M
Beaulieu $1.25M
2022 1st

Jets go all in on their top 6 and create one of the most potent in the League. Wheeler, Scheifele, Connor, Ehlers, Dubois and Nylander. They trade two mid 6 players, a bottom pair D-man and a 1st for a top 6 and a bottom 6 forward. They have the depth to lose Beaulieu and he and Copp are UFA at end of season.

Leafs go for more balance/size and look to improve the LW position. Lowry moves up to top 6 LW. Beaulieu adds D depth and they get a 1st to even out value and that Copp and Beaulieu are pending UFA's.

Cap hit exchange is almost even.

Ritchie Matthews Marner
Lowry Tavares Copp
Kerfoot Kampf Mikheyev
?(Bunting) Spezza Simmonds
(Kase depends on health)

Rielly Brodie
Muzzin Holl
Beaulieu/Sandin Dermott

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31 Aug 2021 23:47:59
Your kidding, right?
Nylander may have the best value contract on the Leafs!

01 Sep 2021 01:11:26
@Waterbuffalo he had a good playoffs. I have always liked Nylander but thought this is a bad fit for him.

Have you always felt Nylander is great value or just now?

01 Sep 2021 01:47:58
Lol. Not kidding at all WBuffalo. When your best value contract is $7M, there is a problem.

01 Sep 2021 12:39:37
RLF, best and only value contract. That isn’t a league minimum hoping you hit something.

01 Sep 2021 13:04:41
Just to expand on my thought above a bit. Nylander as a value contract at $7M is not great when we have 3 players being paid more is the problem. As for the trade, Copp has shown he can play with good players in the same type of manner that Hyman did. He ca also play centre as is good on the draw. He is counted on defensively, can kill penalties and forechecks hard. He gives us a Hyman replacement and the kind of cap hit we would want. At only 27, he is the type of guy you could extend 7 or 8X around $5M and still feel he would be decent his last couple of years.

Lowry is another physical player that can penalty kill, is good on the draw and relied heavily on defensively. Signed 4 more seasons at $3.25 and only 28. Lowry and Copp are in their primes now. Lowry would be a great 3C if we go more with the type of line combos would do over what I would think most would expect like I put above. Beaulieu is good depth and only signed this year, plus we would have two firsts this draft as assets.

Engvall is replaceable by all the bottom 6 depth signed this off-season. Copp and Lowry would combine to equal Nylander's offensive output. Do we need Nylander more or do we need bigger more physical players that can also produce more? I think the latter.

As far as line go, I would actually do this.

Tavares Matthews Marner
Ritchie Kerfoot Copp
Mikheyev Lowry Kase (if healthy or create a real shutdown line)
Spezza Kampf Simmonds

Of course some of the bottom 6 will have some players rotating in like Bunting etc.

I would let Robertson still develop more and see if he can dominate in the AHL over a full season and then have him up for playoffs if he can.

We all will not agree on how to build a team, but I personally like the look of the this team better then what we are now. I think it is more built for the playoffs and more responsible up front. I like the cost certainty of it better and I like having the extra 1st asset we don't have currently.



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