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07 Sep 2021 03:05:10
Since Arizona is trading away players, Leafs should try to acquire Jacob Chychrun in a 3 way trade:

Tor trades Morgan Rielly

Arizona trades Jacob Chychrun

3rd team trades 1st pick and/ or prospects

The trade will be Morgan Rielly to Arizona for Jacob Chychrun then Arizona flips Morgan Rielly to the 3rd team involved for 1st round pick and picks/ prospects.

Leafs get a good 'D' under a good contract for a few years and could use the freed up cap space for other trades.


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07 Sep 2021 12:57:16
My thinking is if you want Chychrun it will have to be a massive overpay. I think they want to keep him and have made him their new OEL so to speak. They will likely keep most of what they have and then trade off as many pending UFA's as possible at the TDL for picks and prospects at that point.

07 Sep 2021 22:53:48
With 21.7 million owed over 4 yrs = 5.425 avg vs his 4.6 million cap hit he is a perfect Arizona next to be dealt candidate. Only schmaltz and his 33.9 owed over 5 yrs 6.78 avg vs his 5.85 cap hit

2 trade candidates who they’ll get 2 1sts and 2 2nds again

Then they pick up even more picks by acquiring more bad contracts with 1-2 yrs left to hit the cap floor

Everything anti win leaf fans want. Deal their stars gain many picks then trade for bad contracts for more picks.

Guess Arizona is your dream team, too bad their rebuild is only 4 years removed from last rebuild. Oh wait that’s what anti win leaf fans want as well.

Go Yotes go.

08 Sep 2021 02:04:43
That is why I had a 3-way trade, Arizona still gets kings ransom, by flipping Rielly. I think Rielly for Chychrun is a fair trade, but, obviously Arizona won't keep Rielly. It's the 3rd team involved that would want Rielly and give kings ransom to Arizona. Arizona wants the high picks/ prospects, what the leafs don't have, so to make it work via 3-way trade. You might think it's impossible, but, definitely doable.

08 Sep 2021 02:07:27
Also, They didn't have to trade Dvorak. So, if they traded Dvorak, then they certainly can consider a Chychrun trade.

08 Sep 2021 12:50:34
LG76. Dvorak is a 25 year old mid 6 forward they got a 1st and 2nd for. On some teams, he would be a 3rd line centre making $4.45M. He is replaceable.
Chychrun is a top pair 23 year old D-man who gets better every year and is signed for $4.6M for 4 years, which is great value. With whatever picks/ prospect you get, you are not likely to get another Chychrun, but you can likely get another mid 6 forward from a 1st and a 2nd round pick.
Not many teams build around a mid 6 forward, but you do around a top pair D-man. Agree?
Just my opinion, but with Rielly 4 years older and a pending UFA that will be almost double Chychrun's cap hit to resign, Chychrun should have more value. I think it is more like Rielly and a high prospect or 1st if you want Chychrun.

08 Sep 2021 23:27:05
Dvorak was owed 20 million over 4 yrs while his cap hit is 4.45. So as they didn’t need to deal him they definetly live dealing a contract that was owed more salary than his overall cap value. 2.2 million isn’t a lot but to Arizona and how they do buisness it was well worth the package they got. Save money gain picks.

So yeah Dvorak was on Arizona’s summer trade list for sure once the right deal came along.



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