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08 Sep 2021 15:48:40
We had the suggestion of a 3 team deal with Chychrun going to the Leafs and Rielly to a 3rd team and ARZ getting picks prospects for Rielly essentially. I personally don;t see a 3rs team giving enough for Rielly to equal the value of Chychrun because he is younger and signed for 4 years compared to the 1 year then UFA of Rielly. Go tme thinking though.

Would you?

Rielly $5M
2022 1st

Chychrun $4.6M

ARZ can move Rielly either now or at the deadline and should get a 1st+ for him. So essentially (2)1sts+ for Chychrun.

Leafs get a 4 year cost controlled, younger 1st pair LD who is improving every year. Chychrun could break out on a much better team like Toronto. Good size at 6'2" 210lbs as well. Leafs give up the 1st to get 4 more years of a top pair D at only $4.6M.

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08 Sep 2021 17:43:08
If Chychrun is made available I'm guessing this could be an option.

I see ARZ as asking for more a Sandin+1st+B prospect though.

08 Sep 2021 17:46:37
If the leafs were to add, it will be a high prospect. I can't see the Leafs losing another 1st round pick this year after wasting last season's 1st round pick on Foligno. Arizona will get their draft picks from flipping Rielly.

08 Sep 2021 23:20:25
Chycrun seems like a perfect player to what Arizona has been trading. Basically if the players total salary owed over the remainder of his contract is more than his cap hit Arizona deals them. Also if they owe the player 50 plus million they deal him unless his name is Clayton Keller
They also take on contracts that are another’s team bad contract with bad cap hit but with way less salary owed then the cap hit for lots of picks and prospects.
Ladd, Ghost, beagle, Eriksson, roussell, stralman, Timmons and kolemar have a cap hit of 28 million this year and 9.725 next year while being owed 22.25 in total for everyone’s remaining contract. Meanwhile Dvorak OEL Garland kuemper and Hill have a cap hit of 23.3 this year 18.8 next year 16.6 yr 3 and 4 then 12.21 yr 5 then 7.26 in yr 6. In total 94 million total salary being dealt.

That said chycrun fits this perfectly
However, rielly might not get leafs chycrun plus a 1st. I’m fact I’m pretty sure Arizona isn’t in market of giving up their massive puck haul by doing buisness how I mentioned above.

Yes a 3rd party probably gets involved but I can’t see them getting involved until Arizona owns rielly.

Look to these players

Johnny boychuk 1yr 6m cap 1.25m total owed
Milan lucic 2yrs 5.25m cap 6.5m total owed
Dustin Brown 1yr 5.875m cap 4m total owed
PK Subban 1yr 9m cap 2m total owed
Kyle Okposo 2yrs 6m cap 6m total owed

They fit Arizona’s targets this summer so

To tor
Chycrun 4yrs 4.6m cap 19.7 total salary owed

To Arizona
Rielly 1 yr 5m cap 3m total salary owed

Then to one of NYI, Calg, LA, NJ or Buffalo

To Arizona
Bad contract player
2023 1st

They could even retain on rielly for NY and grab even more of a great package

My point is chycrun for rielly straight up then the rest is out of leafs hands.

09 Sep 2021 12:53:45
@JdB. They only take Rielly straight up if and only if another team will make up the difference. Otherwise, they would want Rielly+. I mean if the roles were reversed, wouldn't we want more than just a 4 year older expiring contract that we probably aren't re-signing?

09 Sep 2021 18:02:17
@JDB I don't see a straight up for that one.

10 Sep 2021 08:33:01
Fair enough, hard to judge Arizona these days. Just to get out of a big contract they sent away a very nice young player and brought back 3 bad expiring contracts

Maybe a 3rd instead of 1st goes Arizona way instead.



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