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22 Dec 2021 23:55:13
Tor 2xfirst, Dermott, Robertson

Yotes Chychrun

That's the stated price currently.

Would you do this?

I probably would if I'm Dubas. The system is so depleted right now that by the time MNM are up, JT, Brodie, Muzzin and Rielly are aging, I can't see any outcome beyond being the new Coyotes/ Sabres/ Wings for a few years.

This also means dumping a bit of salary but it should be manageable as it isn't a sizeable hit.

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23 Dec 2021 02:48:25
Depleted is a bit much do the leafs have the big name prospects no but they do have quite a few quality prospects you said it yourself MNM are coming up soon so why would the leafs not try and eep drafting and developing.

23 Dec 2021 04:07:43
Don't like the idea of trading 2 1sts.

23 Dec 2021 12:46:21
I'd do it leafs 1sts are like early second round picks anyway.

23 Dec 2021 13:39:56
Not as it stands no. Not unless there were other moves on D planned to be made. For instance, if the Leafs were then able to move Sandin for a 1st and also move out Holl before next season, it starts to make sense. Sandin would have no chance at making the top 4 anymore, so might as well recoup an asset. Liljegren could hopefully be a solid enough 5/ 6 paired with a cheap vet, which makes Holl expendable. The two of them moved out opens up almost $3M in cap space and the Leafs have a great top 4.

23 Dec 2021 18:54:13
@LeafsLife. where did you here those pieces are the stated price? if that is correct then what is Dubas waiting for. is it means keeping Sandin i'd do it for sure. but there would have to be a lot of other trades to re-calibrate the D. Would we have to trade Muzzin in a case like this. can't see them having Rielly, Chychrun and Muzzin all on left side. still having Sandin would give us a great chip to trade with another team for a good RD to play on 2nd pair D.

23 Dec 2021 20:34:06
@Loxley Eliott Friedman reported yesterday that the totes want a young player, top end prospect and 2 firsts.

24 Dec 2021 14:08:03
@Loxley. I don't think Muzzin is going anywhere unless he wants to. That is why I said to look at moving Sandin and Holl. Not sure who plays right and left side, but there are only two more years of Muzzin and Brodie after this one. There are 3 more years of Chychrun and 8 of Rielly, so they become the anchors to build around in the future. Add in Liljegren, Dermott, Rubins, Niemela etc and it still looks pretty good bot h talent and cap wise, assuming some players keep progressing and we may acquire a proven D as well.
Sandin just makes the most sense to move because his return should be decent and Leafs would recover some of the assets lost to get Chychrun.
That said, I am not sure anyone offers what is being asked, so maybe it takes a bit less than this anyway. The ask is rarely met.

24 Dec 2021 15:10:33
@RLF You are probly right that Muzzin is not going anywhere. but it woud be the quick fix and quite frankly he always gets hurt. and we know he is not comfortable on RD. dunno about Chychrun and if he can play RD. as for Sandin i agree we would not need him if we got Chychrun. that said i look at LeafsLife proposed package and can't help but think Dermott won't cut it. i think they would want to start with Sandin, getting a slightly younger D to replace Chychrun.

24 Dec 2021 23:46:37
If that’s the ask the trade would have been done already
Lol as usual leafsloser.



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